This cracks me up!!!

The Jones Family


  1. sonniejane

    Holy cow that was freakin hilarious!

  2. sonniejane

    oops! I am a dork

  3. Evelyne

    Oh my! That was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!! It really made me smile and perked up my night!!!

  4. Trojan

    I WANT ONE I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love it. They used to have Elf Bowling too…HA that was freaking funny:)

  5. Colette

    LMAO!! Thanks….I needed that 😉

  6. Stacey

    haha lmao!!!!

  7. Stacey

    Okay I had to come back because I clicked on the make your own and if you don’t click anything after that and just watch your elf self long enough you start playing an air guitar…hysterical! lmfao!!!!

  8. Marthab

    So funny that you put the dog in, too!

  9. Marthab

    So funny that you put the dog in, too!

  10. EM :)

    Oh April. Thank you for that. I had tears I was laughing so hard! I had to make one for my fam and my sis. Too cute. So, thanks for making me smile, AND my Family! 🙂
    Happy Weekend to you, ya buff mama

  11. Angela

    I love it! It is so crazy how things get around the internet! I did one last week…i forgot to send it to you!!!! But you got it! That is too funny! I should post the one i did with me and adam and scooby!!! Your elf looked the best 😉

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