I’m not an angel :)

I hope I didn’t mislead anyone on to think I wouldn’t be pigging out on the cruise! I am definetly going off of plan. Well last year I did pretty good and only gained 3 lbs. I’ll eat like I did then, oatmeal and eggs for breakfast because I just love that with rice pudding on it LOL! I don’t do the midnight buffets but I do the cookies after the chocolate mousse at dinner 😉 It’ll be interesting to see if I can lean out by May 31st. Strike that I WILL lean out by then. I pretty much only ate 3 times a day and you do so much walking and climbing stairs and that’s a workout in itself.

Today I burned over 1000 cals and was just shy of 9 miles. Even though it TOM I think i’m finally starting to get some bloat off of myself. Of course it’s in places that don’t matter like the collar bone and that weird muscle between the boobs. Oh and I can already see my ribs??? That’s just me and i’ve got plenty of junk in the trunk again. My butt feels heavy LOL! Mike told me to let Tony know that I really need to work on that area next time. Ummmm…….did you not see me climbing 40 flights of stairs and working out 3 hours a day for 8 weeks straight? I know he meant it in the nicest way possible but take that brownie point away! Tony knows I have a ghetto booty and i’m sure he’s planning his attack now. I mean i’m already doing an hour of extra cardio a day and i’m still 19 weeks out!

Oh and i’ve tried Stevia. Powder, liquid, flavored and ACK! it just doesn’t taste right to me. So I shipped my bottle to Austin for Trojan and she shipped her Xpand to me 🙂 She thinks of it as a fair trade but the Xpand is a lot more pricey HA! Of course I shipped mine UPS red which probably cost a lot but who cares the company paid for it. I figure they pay for all that food they order and I don’t eat that so I deserved it.

So this weekend is my sister’s b-day party and i’m the DD. What do you all think about light beers? I know they don’t have as many cals and carbs but it’s the alcohol that kills ya right? If so I’ll be drinking water!!



  1. Lori

    I got hungry just reading about the cruise food. I wish when I went on one I would have stayed up for teh chocolate buffet. I still can’t believe I passed it up but I went to bed early. STUPID!!!

    You don’t seem to have a ghetto booty! I never noticed anyway. I got that. Not so much ghetto, more like saddlebags. My butt’s not as bad, but it just happens to hang on my thighs. LOL

  2. Trojan

    Mmmmm I remember all the sushi we consumed at the midnight buffet..

    You are running your little bottie off for sure.

    I LOVE my toffee steviA..THANKS:p

  3. sunniejane

    Who could ever go on a cruise and not cheat! That just would not be human. You will be fine. I really do not know how you find the time to do so much cardio though. I would have to quit my job.
    You do not have a ghetto booty girl! But just in case I would drink the water and not the beer cause you might really get bloated all over again:)

  4. Colette

    I had no doubts that you would be eating on the cruise 😉

    I love my booty!! Hubby would be very upset if I lost it and ended up with a flat/melting butt 😉 Be proud of that curve 😉

    If you are the DD, then even light beer is a no-no. Have fun laughing at the other when they get drunk though…oh, and don’t forget the camera 😉

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