Friends :)



  1. B


    April why is it stacey knows something and not even you know you and Tony are close please find out what it is- I have faith in you! 🙂 do it girl

  2. thirtysomething

    Dang…Stacey stirs up the Diva’s and we are all CRAZY!!! At least we have each other…I say we gang up on them both, who’s taking Tony…better yet…who’s taking Stacey!! How many of us are there…this could be tough…oh yeah we’re all tough 😉

  3. Angela

    Well the only way that could happen is if we all do it together!!! LOL! Come on girls…lets get her!

  4. B

    I’m a psych nurse I have access to sedation and restraints I’ll take Tony!!!

  5. Colette

    That is cute 😉

    Have a supper weekend!

  6. Evelyne

    You guys are too funny. What should we do with Tony once he’s all sedated and restrained, huh?

  7. Ruby

    Evelyne..I say we take advantage of him. Oh know did I just type that..LOL
    April..thanks for the idea of the Mint Tea, totally loving it.

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