Catch me if you can

Tomorrow I have 90 minutes of cardio! Let me rephrase that, 150 minutes of cardio!!! Heck yeah i’ll be doing every minute of it too! I won’t be worn out from work this week so no excuses!!

Today I had an extra long meeting and of course they ordered Qdoba. I don’t need to tell you that I ate my salad with chicken. Why do I not need to tell you? Why not? I will not think twice about crappy food again. I just won’t have any! So while everyone was eating their mexican food and cookies I was enjoying my salad and not feeling guilty. This kind of eating is just second nature. I’m telling you this after I ate an equivelant of what was probably 10 protein bars at the expo HA! So if I want to look like the picture below I need to eat like I did to get there.

I know I had to experience the “growth” although I did not like it. Looking back at the menu Tony had me on after my show I was thinking how did I not get any fatter? Tons of food and little cardio? Just goes to show he knows what he’s doing.



  1. Trojan

    Go April’re such a freaking rockstart with the cardio. Yes, Tony does know his shit…and you be proof!


  2. Lori

    DANG!!!!!!!! What are you complaining about, you look great. Look at those abs!!!

  3. Colette

    Look at that pic! Your waist is so tiny…I want that!

    I think you were able to eat all that food because you started off with lots of good muscle, which burns more calories, and the food you were eating was healthy and clean, which burns clean. With all your extra new muscle, you are going to just going to kick butt when you start cutting!

    Gook job sticking to that salad 😉

  4. sunniejane

    You inspire me more and more everyday! I will always be amazed at your little waist, bulking or not.

  5. April

    Oh geez I don’t look like that right now! I still have a tiny waist but I have some flubber on my hips LOL!!

  6. Ruby

    I love how you look at that pic. Beautiful, fit healthy and curvy.

  7. C2

    Wow, absolutely gorgeous April! 🙂

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