Feeling up to par

Hey all! I’m feeling better and haven’t had any blue arm episodes πŸ™‚ I do however have a sore throat all of a sudden. I took chloraseptic (sp)? and it feels better right now though. Man, my body is sucking all of a sudden HA! Tony sent me a sweet e-mail and told me to take it easy for a bit to make sure i’m okay…LMAO! I mean sure I will πŸ˜‰ I need to fit my fat ass in a bikini in 25 days and then into a REALLY small bikini 7 weeks after that!

Eating wise i’ve been doing great! I can’t wait to get my new diet though. New diets always bring changes and that keeps me going. I was actually looking in the mirror today and felt good about what I looked like. I don’t look real good right now but at least I think I look healthy. I would be comfortable in a bathing suit and not look like a whale. It’s just crazy how much having muscle changes the shape of your body. THAT IS WHY I NEED MORE!!!

I had a great ab crit this evening and burned 430 during it YES! I didn’t get up early on Tuesday or Wednesday for early cardio however I did do 45 mins ending cardio last night to make up for it a bit. I’m getting super excited for the challenge getting ready for this show! My goal was to be 115 for the cruise but I doubt that will happen. I don’t know what I weigh right now but if i’m aiming for 110~112 for the show 115 in this short time wouldn’t be good for my wee muscles. So maybe i’ll shoot for 118…gain 3 on the cruise and then in 7 weeks i’ll need to lose 10~11 lbs. That is soooo doable!!! WOOHOO!!



  1. Hayley

    I’m SO glad to hear that you haven’t had anymore weird blue-arm episodes! That was really nice of Tony to send you that email. When do you get your new plan? I’m sure it will shock your body some and get things rolling again, though I think you look great now. I’m SO glad you see that!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comment on my blog, that was really sweet what you said.

  2. sunniejane

    I get my new diet in 2 weeks and I am excited too. I bet you won’t gain any weight on the cruise because your metabolism is on fiya right now!

  3. Hage Family

    I’m so glad that SOMEONE’s got a plan! LOL Us shorties are right around the same weight requirement…I have no clue what i weigh and frankly don’t want to know!

  4. Colette

    Hope you feel better.

    Wow, what a state of mind to be in. You like the way your body looks and even in a bikini. Now that is a great feeling! You have worked so hard to get where you are. I am truly happy for you April!

  5. thirtysomething

    You sound super stoked!! But after seeing you in person, I still can’t figure where this fat ass is πŸ™‚ You must have your perfectionist glasses on when you say that!! You are pretty awesome yourself…and I wanted to stop by today and say thank you for being such an inspiration!! Your going to be turning heads and dropping jaws on that cruise ship!!

  6. Stef


  7. Hayley

    I read on your thread the other day that you bought some “Smooth Moves” tea. I used to drink that stuff a while back! Be careful with some of those senna teas…there was one time when I was literally running to the bathroom every 5 mins. Unfortunately I was out with my best friend and her friends so telling everyone, “I have to go to the bathroom..” ever 2 seconds was really embarassing.

    Note to self (and April): Do NOT drink senna tea before a night on the town…LOL…

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