Hanging in there

All I have to say is thank goodness for Flex-all. My grandpa swears by it too! LOL! I had an awesome workout this evening. I had back and triceps. I love to work back, triceps not so much, BUT I found that doing that split doesn’t make it too bad. Tomorrow I have shoulders LOVE, biceps HATE so maybe it won’t be so bad either. I’m getting really veiny?? word?? Not the kind that pop out yet but I think soon. I’m just blue all over and I like it! Not the kind of blue I was that time where my whole arm was blue hee hee!

My diet is awesome right now! I’m still not sure what I weigh nor do I care. Unless Tony tells me too I won’t even weigh before my cruise to see how much I gain. What’s the point? I know i’ll have to bust my tail when I get back and Tony will get me where I need to be.

5 more working days!!!!


  1. jen

    hey girl, I’ve always been veiny and tried to tan so they wouldn’t show!! mine due to being paley. lol

    thanks for the size on the tank. I gotta get that soon. it’s so cute! thinking bout a medium though in case I shrink it to death. 🙂

  2. KatieFeldmom

    So glad that your blue tinge is different from that other blue tinge. YAY FOR ONLY 5 WORKING DAYS LEFT!!!

  3. Lori

    The cruise is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait to see pics. Have a great time.

  4. Evelyne

    5 more days!!! YAY!! Nope, NO worries! Just go, have fun, and know that Tony will have you back and better than ever!

  5. Reese

    Is it cruise time again already? The year has gone by so fast.

    Lookin good.

  6. Tina

    🙂 I’m so happy you’ve found relief!! Your trip is almost here…how exciting!!

  7. Stef

    Ahhhhh vacation! I am totally jealous!


  8. Mia

    can’t wait to see pics of your cruise. and you know tony will have you smokin HOT when you return,,so no worries girlfriend 🙂

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