Nothing new

I’ve just been eating the same thing and working out like mad πŸ™‚ That’s my life and I love it! Of course next week will be a different story LOL!

I’m going to do just as well on this cruise as I did last year I hope. Last year I was still on my OMG i’m losing weight high and I didn’t want to screw anything up. Now i’m in my I know how to drop 6 lbs. in a week so who cares EEP! I need to quit thinking like that. I know for breakfast I love oats so that’s what i’ll eat. I might throw some rice pudding on them like last year but i’m on vacation right? Lunch will be salads with protein and 3 differnt desserts. For dinner it’s appetizer, salads, soups, main entree, and dessert and yes i’ll have all that. The meals are well proportioned and healthy though so that’s a plus. That’s one good thing about eating in the dining rooms as opposed to the buffets.

I will be working out in a gym UGH!! I hate gyms!! Plus I will be walking up and down the stairs like a mad woman. I’m gonna wear my HR to see how many calories I burn one day just walking around the ship. Oh I cannot wait to relax. I just hope I can relax. I need to talk to Tony before I go. I know that he will have me ready in 7 weeks though when I get back. It’ll be tough but he is a miracle worker and I am a miracle so we’ll watch the magic happen again YES!

Dang I just read back through my post. LOL! I’m seriously mental sometimes. I go from wanting to see how many calories I burn to I cannot wait to relax??? It’s pretty bad when you’re confused by yourself hee hee!



  1. Lori

    You sound like me, I confuse myself all the time. Love your upside down avie too. πŸ™‚

  2. Evelyne

    You are too funny. Oh, and CUTE too! I’m closing my eyes and making a wish. ~~Please let April and her Hubby relax and have a fantastic time!~~

  3. Tina

    LMAO!!! And that is why we all love you!! And you better RELAX… Don’t worry I’ll do enough “mental” over here for the both of us!!

  4. C2

    Here’s to wishing you a very relaxing vacation! πŸ™‚

  5. Colette

    LOL I was thinking the same thing as I was reading your post…you call that relaxing??

    I can feel your excitement all the way here in Cali. I’m happy for you and I hope you DO relax and just enjoy every bit of this vacation.

  6. sunniejane

    You are going to have so much fun! I went while using a trainer and had several cheats but worked out everyday and used those stairs. I did not gain anything and had a ball! I am jealous you are going but we are planning our vacation for June, right after my comp! I cannot wait.

  7. Stef


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