Oh my legs…

Yeah, I had legs today. Sorry VQ my heart rate got to 165 during this?? Am I on the brink of death or what? It felt good though. I only have one more cardio session left for the day. I’m getting excited because i’m seeing my abs again WOO! I still have fat on my hips and pooch of course. I KNOW the pooch will be there until May 31st though. I don’t even care what my ass looks like, is that bad? As long as it fits in my suit i’ll be alright HA!

Speaking of suits, my friend Jodi has a purple one she isn’t wearing this time around. She is the one who Jamie Eason gave a couple of suits to and she’ll be wearing that one. So i’m going to try it on and see what that looks like. I know the butt is a little more skimpy but it may make my butt look smaller and I need all the help I can get! We’ll see, when I get the suit i’ll take pics and you all can judge 🙂 I LOVE my suit of course but it’s all about the visual.

I hadn’t crapped since Saturday before my detox and I finally got something out today…aahhhh I feel much better.

I can’t wait for the weekend to see what Tiny Tina and Martha Muscles looks like at their show!!



  1. Visionquester

    You guys are so awesome!! I love crap talk…

    Yeah 165: good…
    Dead: bad

    skimpy = small butt

    just squeeze your cheeks together really tight, rub the glue on the crack… yes.. your crack will be glued shut (that’s the fun part), then press the suit on and hold for a few minutes. Release cheeks and butt has just shrunk a foot on each side!
    Try it…you’ll like it.


  2. Margarita

    Hey poop-girl! Glad you could finally crap… it stinks to be plugged-up… literally! LOL

    Are you getting excited to be so close to the comp.? Every time I see my “ticker”, I get cold feet!! But I AM getting on that stage… I think…

  3. sunniejane

    Man I bet that was a load off! LOL Glad you feel better with the detox.

  4. Hage Family

    These comments are cracking me up! You are so close girl!!!

  5. Trojan

    Girl…great on the HR. Long as you feel good afterward then its a good thing. You are kicking butt just like i knew you would…

    Go April Go!!!

  6. Muslfetish

    lmao!!! oh and I can’t wait to see pictures!!!

    Also do what C says…it so works! 🙂 with 5 inch heels Lord knows we aren’t up there to feel comfortable anyway! lol

  7. Colette

    You are funny 😉

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