Girl Bonding

Today was such a perfect day. Mike and I took Boomer for a long walk in the park and it was gorgeous out. Then I went shopping with Kira and Jodi 🙂 I bought myself a Mother’s Day present. A Vera Bradley bag and I LOVE it! I’m not a purse person and I think Coach bags are stupid but I love this thing. I also bought a little wallet to match.

Us girls mainly hung out in Starbucks and chatted, it was great! Kira was looking for something for a photo shoot is why we are in the lingerie section LOL! I don’t know why my face looks fat but it’s getting slimmer so i’m not worried.

I’ve burned 7300 cals so far this week and I still have 1 workout to go today and 2 tomorrow. My weight this morning was 120.6 but I think TOM is coming. So much for losing it again this time around. I think I gained a little more than I wanted to on the cruise 😉 I wanted to be around 110 for this comp and I think that’s still doable….we’ll see!!!



  1. Evelyne

    Cute pic, cute purse! Glad you’re having a great weekend!

  2. Evelyne

    PS Happy Mother’s Day to Boomer’s Mommy!

  3. Hage Family

    Cute pic! Love girl’s days…doesn’t happen as often as I would like since most of my friends all have little ones, but they are awesome!

  4. Visionquester

    Holy crap… I know this is your blog but that girl has got some shoulders!!!

  5. April

    Hey C! No problem, her name is Kira Neuman. Google her name and check out her pic….SMOKIN!!!

  6. Colette

    Sounds like a perfect day!!
    Cute purse…I used to think the same about Coach bags, but they have some cute ones this year 😉

    Keep telling yourself that by the time comp comes you will be in tip-top shape…no reason to be having any negative thoughts, and since you’ve done this before, you know it will be true 😉 You’re doing great!!

  7. Susan

    Congratulations on the DreamBodies success story feature!

    Love that Vera Bradley print-my daughter just bought the zip ID case in that print.

  8. DB (Bella)

    Very cute bag and looks like you had fun!

  9. Tina

    Ah…sounds like the perfect Mothers Day!! I luv that purse, so cute!! I would so love to do a show with you, that would be way more fun than anything!! Maybe the next one, I’m a bit beat right now!! And your face does not look fat silly!! Oh and did you try that suit, it amazes me how different suits help the butt tremendously. I love Christine Marsh suits for that, but her suits are expensive all jeweled up. Anyhow, can’t wait for pictures…and atleast it’s just TOM for pics, how about for your show…now that sucked azz big time, I was like common Expel get with the program…

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