Verdict is in

It’s a no. I won’t be competing next weekend. I’m still gonna go strong though and get down to 112 and see how easily I can maintain so I don’t have to kill myself. It should be easier without all the holidays in the middle of it.

So now i’m going to Oaken Barrell and eat my BBQ! Don’t worry Tony said I could 😉

The most exciting part is I only have to do an hour of cardio everyday! Woo, that’s a piece of cake! Mmmm…..cake…..


  1. marthab

    Aw darn. Ok well, we’ll be looking for amazing things for the next one!


  2. Melissa H

    You sound completely at peace with this, as if a weight was just lifted off of your back. You’ll totally be ready for the next one and we’ll be cheering you on! Mmm. BBQ. Brat.

  3. Evelyne

    Tony knows whats best for us Divas. The next show you are going to kick some major booootay! Wow, only 1 hour of cardio a day now! Whoo-hoo!!!

  4. Lori

    April, that’s what I love about you. You are such a little ray of sunshine no matter what. Great attitude.

  5. Tina

    Tony knows best!! As woman…it’s so tough to get our bodies to respond the way we want them to!! Just think about when Tara was told by Carla she wasn’t ready to be going on stage, and now look at her. Bigger and better things on the horizon for you, I just know it 😉 Can’t wait to hear all about your future plans!! Now that you are on fire…you are going to burn it up… all the way to the NPC stage 🙂 Oh did I say that 😛

  6. Colette

    Well you better enjoy that bbq now 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend, April and keep up that great attitude.

  7. aquariangirl

    one week out and you worked it girl! you’ll do it again and be better than ever – 🙂 The dedication I “see”/read from you ladies is absolutely amazing !Thank you all for your inspiration. 🙂

  8. C2

    Not only does Tony know what is best, but I think YOU know as well! 🙂 Like Martha said you sound completely at peace with your decision. Do what makes YOU happy April, because whatever it is, we will back you 100%!


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