That’s My Girl!



  1. Tina

    LMAO!!! Oh she’s my kind of girl!!

    Now when she is don’t with your’s, send her over here…oh wait I already took care of that 😛

  2. Angela

    Sweet little girl!!! She is too much! I guess that was her treat for the vet trip huh? Guilty mommy!!!

  3. Melissa H

    HAHA! Is that peanut butter? I put pb in my dog’s training bone every day as a treat, to keep her busy while we’re gone! 🙂

  4. Trojan

    Dang..I’m jealous of the dog:)

  5. B

    love the pink collar

  6. Stef

    if I could get my tongue down in a jar….I would be doing the same!!!


  7. Melda

    Love the pics. That’s how my big boy was. He also used to be able to open the fridge and has literally eaten a whole chicken before. We had to start putting things in front of the fridge so he couldn’t get in there. I miss him so :(.

  8. sunniejane

    Tell me that is not peanut butter!

  9. Evelyne

    How cute! I at least hope you licked MOST of it clean first!

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