Puttin the Smack Down!

So i’m not one to call, e-mail or bug Tony alot. I just do as he says and things work. Well, the A and B were NOT working for me. My cals were WAY low, i’m storing fat although losing weight??, and my mood was out of this world! My hubby may say it’s like this all the time but when I can notice it I know it’s bad. So I sent him a text, e-mailed and left a message. Needless to say he responded with a new diet ASAP 🙂 I’m a much happier person now aaahhhhhh….I get LOTS of oats, yams, and even coffee 3 x’s a day WOO! I felt much better today.

My last straw yesterday was when I went to Wal-mart at lunch and got a little bag of trail mix and ate the entire thing. I KNEW that was not me and that was NOT my mentality. Something had to be done. Even Saturday I didn’t feel like working out at all! That is all I ever look forward to! I love going to bed at night and can’t wait to wake up and get on the treadmill…sick I know but that’s what I love! So i’m better now 🙂 I did however pass up the cookies and donuts hee hee! It’s funny how when i’m feeling down I want nuts or trail mix…like those are okay or something.

I’m going strong again though and cannot wait for Sept 13th to roll around! My legs have more muscle for sure but i’m not sure about anything else but we’ll see. I want to look better than last time.



  1. Tina

    I’m so glad you got that new diet…I can tell you are a new woman 🙂 I too can’t wait for the 13th…and yams, oats, and coffee…sounds like I’m gonna have to get me some of that plan….after these last 3 weeks…I have a feeling all that stuff is gone soon, real soon 🙂 Wow sounds like you’ve got all the stuff needed to add some serious muscle…go for max intensity while you’ve got the goods…I’m thinking KY muscle show here she comes!!

  2. Lori

    Well I emailed him about nothing changing with me. I told him I don’t want to get to my comp date and have no changes and he say me not do the show. He said lift more weight. I told him I am lifting as much as my body will let me. oh well!!!!

  3. Tracy

    Enjoy those carbs girl!!

    Its funny I was just telling the trainer, after my comp I just want someone to hand me a whole jar of Natural PB. =0}

  4. marthab

    You get it, girl. Make it happen!

  5. C2

    Glad Tony is mixing things up for you! Stay strong Sweets! 🙂

  6. Hage Family

    So glad to hear you got your diet…I could tell that it was a boost you needed! I’m sure you’ll look great by the 13th. You are truly a rock star!!!

  7. Colette

    Glad you talked to Tony and he listened. Enjoy!

  8. Ruby

    hi April I am glad you got more food those calories were way too low! When your calories get too low your body starts eating the muscle. you sound like a happy camper now!!

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