121 Days

Apparently i’m doing another comp! I’m super excited though! This gives me an excuse to keep the fluff off!!

Twist my arm

I just told my husband and he said that’s to far away. Did I mention I wear the pants in the family? I’m SO THERE!!!

Okay, now i’m expressing how excited I am about doing this show. I told Mike that he doesn’t have to go because i’ll have friends there. Well now he’s excited too and says that Stacey and Tina can come over for a naked slumber party LOL! Doesn’t he know we’ll all be tanned up, stinky, and instead of pizza we’ll be eating dryazz chicken 🙂



  1. Angela

    so jealous!!!! No fair!!!!

    what if i dye my hair????

  2. Tina

    No wait I love the chicken with the little yummy concoction, it’s almost better than pizza….I know I have issues 😛 Oh I’m so excited!! And you better kick ass every stinking day cause after this your going to the Arnold…I give you know choice 😛 Let the fun begin 🙂

  3. C2

    Mike is too funny! 🙂

  4. Colette


  5. Muslfetish

    HAHA LMAO!!!!!!! and Whoohoo this rocks! and huh? Tina likes it?? Girl, that stuff is nasty! I’d rather eat a bunch of dandelion root straight up!……I was using cinnamon flavored flax oil though thinking it would cover the flavor of ass…*shudders*…yeah, it didn’t lol 🙂 Good times and can’t wait!

  6. Muslfetish

    Just saw your countdown haha love it! I’m stealing it :p

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