This is not a post of comparing my pics or anything but the way I felt yesterday vs. today.

I woke up yesterday and weighed myself…116.4 WTF?? Oh well no biggie at least it was a drop. I have been 100% clean, getting in ALL 3 of my workouts and only a .2 lbs drop. Then it happened….Aunt Flo arrived. Sphew, that explains it I think. Last year during comp I didn’t have a period 2 months prior which explains why I had ZERO cravings. This time around I admit it’s tougher. All I can say is thank goodness for chocolate protein powder and cocoa.

I went to Target and then took my dog for a walk. It was a great heart pumping walk. When I got home I got this feeling of being VERY tired. I laid on the couch. My husband thought I was dying because that never happens LOL! He got me some blankets and a pillow and I just laid there and fell back asleep. I attempted my bi/tri/ab workout and probably need to do it again today because I wasn’t feeling it. I only had one more workout to get done and ugh…I was dreading it. So I got my shoes on and hopped on the treadmill. My legs felt like lead and I lasted 10 mins. Seriously I got off the thing and went and laid back down. I did NOT want to workout. I never take rest days but i’ll consider yesterday as that.

This morning I woke up and felt tired still. Oh no, I cannot have another day like yesterday. So my husband and I went to the track and took our dog of course 😉 I ran the stairs and did sprints and now I feel great! My poor dog didn’t know what to do. Mike was running around the track and I was on the bleachers. LOL! She was confused. Her trying to get up the bleachers was hilarious too, she kept slipping. I was kind of worried about her but she’s still alive. Then we took her to the creek to get some water and walk around. Of course she needs a bath now ugh…So anyway that’s my past two days. I’m hoping for more like today WOO!!!!



  1. marthab

    Glad you got some rest. You are so close! Wow! New pics soon?

  2. Stef

    Today must be Track day. I went this morning and did sprints and bleachers, too. LOL. I posted pix of me doing the bleachers….they suck the life out of me…but I love them!

    Glad you are doing better today!


  3. C2

    You are amazing Woman!

    BTW, I love it that you took your sweet dog with you! xoxoxo

  4. Health Girl

    TOM has a way of sucking away all my energy for a day or so. Hopefully you are now renewed and re-energized! 🙂 I can’t believe you are so close! You are going to be rockin’ it hard core on the stage!

  5. Melissa H

    I guess we’re on the same cycle. Zzzz. Uh, wait. I was saying something. Zzzz.

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