I took some pictures yesterday. It’s still TOM and i’ve ate 6 meals and 8L of water. That should make the next set better I hope 🙂

I’ve got A LOT of work to do in the next two weeks. People are starting to tell me i’m getting to thin so that’s always a good sign. They’re all wondering where the 8 lbs I want to lose will come from. You see the pics HA! 😉 My butt will ALWAYS be my problem. I’m not worried too much about the pooch and hips. My body did really well during that last week last year so stay tuned………..


  1. B

    your waist is sooo tiny! I can’t wait till all you three get on stage.

  2. Britishlady

    April!!!!! You look great…you will be on fire in two weeks. I can just see it.
    I didn’t realize my blog wasn’t private, but I’ve fixed that. I need your email address though so I can invite you. Email me

  3. Health Girl

    What pooch? I want to look that awesome on TOM and 6 meals and all that water!! Did you seriously drink 8 liters of water??? OY! I’m all proud when I get in 4-5 haha! You look great! Can’t wait to see what the next 2 weeks bring! Lookout!

  4. Stef

    Looking good, April. You will get there!!! No doubt about it!!!!


  5. Tina

    I’m looking at your back pose…I’m seeing some fabulous stuff back there and maybe you should play with that and take more pictures…I did a lot of critiquing of Sandra’s poses…go check out what I wrote on there…try it and take some pictures so I can see again…you’ve got it, you need to show it 🙂

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