2 weeks out—–114.8

I’m slowly but surely getting there!

Check this out LOL! This was really sort of what I looked like then too…scary!



  1. Tina

    LMAO you are a hoot!! Great txting with you today 🙂 And look at those pictures below…the azz is slimming down nicely…I’m thinking with the dry out you are golden!! Keep going strong…and call me if you need to, I’m here…I can’t wait!!

  2. Angela

    see what happens when your home without hubby? LOL!

  3. sunniejane

    You are a nut! That is freakin hilarious.

  4. Michelle

    haha! I was messing around with that yesterday too 😀 – I kind oflooked like that then too… well, I had straight hair and poofy bangs – the “bird’s nest” lol. I couldn’t figure out how to save them on my computer or I’d share myself in 1954 looking just exactly like my grandmother.

  5. Britishlady

    April! Your pic is freakin hilarious!!! Was your hair really that big and poofy???

    Thanks for your comment girlie, and YES I’m soooo excited. I only have 3.4lbs to go until I’m out of the 190s forever, and my goal is to do it by next weigh in.

    You’re looking amazing by the way…you’re going to KILL your competition!

  6. Lori

    OMG, that looks like my sisters hair and your face. Seriously her hair is almost that high still. Too freaking funny.

  7. Muslfetish

    BAHAHA! I so looked like that lol!

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