Time is FLYING!!

Okay I looked at my countdown and it says 11 days OMG! I have so much to do!! I’ll need your opinions on music. I may also have another suit lined up. It’s lavendar but i’ve yet to try it on. My friend is going to let me see if it fits right first.

Weight was 113.6 this morning YIPPEE! I’ve got tons of energy, eating plan is still great and I couldn’t be happier….oh yes I could. If the dang fat would leave my hips that would make me happier 😉

Off to Target now 🙂


Beautiful People



  1. marthab

    My vote is Hotstepper. Dan you are so close!

  2. Health Girl

    I’m down with the Hotstepper… but I have no experience…. lol

    You are doing awesome! I can’t believe its so close!

  3. Tearose

    Hotstepper for me too, wow 11 days! how exciting!

  4. Trojan

    You are sooooooooo skinny:)

    I know you like comments like that, seriously though…it’s so close and you are so ready…

    I’m stinkin excited for you!!!

  5. Stef

    I love HOTSTEPPER! That used to be my favorite song when it came out!

    I actually like BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE too.


  6. C2

    Wow, you have to be happy about your weight Woman! 🙂 WOOHOO! xoxo

  7. Krissa

    Hotstepper for sure. Manson freaks me out a bit 🙂

    I would love to see your numbers on MY scale! You are doing fab!

  8. Tracy

    Girl your gonna do great! I wish I could be there to watch! I think a lavender suit would look great on ya.

  9. EM :)

    Worrrrdd up
    I’m the lyrical gangsta…..worrdd upp….
    yup yup, fo shore hottstepper! 🙂
    WoRK IT GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Melissa H

    Totally Hotstepper. (I agree with Krissa — we call him Marilyn mantis shrimp in this household.)

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