The Time Is Near!

I can’t believe this week is already here! I got my protocol from Tony for the week and I am to follow it like my life depends on it 😉 I had to take pics and send them this morning and he will evaluate the cardio situation. Needless to say that cardio remains the same but now he wants to do a salt load EEK! I can not stand salt but i’ll do what needs to be done 🙂 I’m starting my carb depletion today so bye bye cup of oats boohoo….

Oh yes, I had a photoshoot yesterday. My friend Jodi and I had a blast! They are all very tasteful and i’ve found that I would NOT be a good model. Plus I have to cheese in all pics, I’m a smiler 🙂 We should get the CD this coming weekend!

I want to thank each and every one of you who check in on me and encourage me to keep going. I’ve had a rough year body wise and it would have been so easy to give up but ready your posts help keep me sane. All I know is all of a sudden my body loves carbs and that makes me happy 🙂

I’m not stopping here though. I KNOW my butt is still big and I want to get it where it’s never been before!! Tony thinks the hips will go with the water drop etc…we’ll see. My pooch actually is smaller this time? Bodies are weird.




  1. Stef

    Looking great, April! You have done so well! Almost time to show it all off!

  2. Musclelicious

    Looking good girl! I’m also sodium loading today. I don’t like much salt myself, so instead I purchased empty veggie capsules and poured salt into them…i felt like a drug dealer preparing them last night!

  3. DB (Bella)

    You look fantastic! I am so excited for you and your show! Your attitude through the past several months has also been amazing. You are truly an inspiration April!

  4. Eve is going to Nationals

    Woo hoo Girl – Nearly there! I’m sending you my thoughts and best wishes during your last week of prep. Remember you are going to rock the stage so have FUN!

  5. Evelyne

    WOW!!! Just LOOK at you!! You’ve done so well and look so great! Can’t believe it’s your last week already!

  6. Bernee

    Looking good. Tony is the best and he knows what he is doing. I am following my plan this week to a T. Hope you have a great carb depletion week.

  7. EM :)

    Nope, your Butt is NOT big. Quit being ‘dysmorphic’ in your viewing!! See that rockin booty that you KNOW you have!!! 🙂
    KICK ASSSSS THIS WEEK! You’ve got this girl!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Muslfetish

    Lookin awesome!!! and I agree with em! Can’t wait to see the photoshoot and show pics woot!

  9. C2

    So friggin proud of you! WooHoo! xoxo

  10. sweetnshort2

    Your doing great April!

  11. Tina

    OMG…3 days…really is it that close…I can hardly wait…can’t wait to see what the sodium load does for you!! EXCITING!!!!

  12. Margarita

    You are CRAZY! I am not seeing any “pooch”! Congrats on getting here, girl! You’ve worked REALLY hard for the last 14(?) weeks! Way to go!

    And salt load? YUCK!!! I hate salt myself (we might be twins, I swear! lol) and always swell up from it… I hope it’s not going to be too rough on your body.

    Good luck, girlie! 🙂


  13. Melissa H

    Girl, you look like two different people in the front/back pics. Your body just wants to take every scrap of fat from those abs before working on that beautiful butt! (I’d kill for your butt! LOL Remember: we have different problems!!!)

    Years ago, you could actually buy salt pills. I remember that the athletic trainer used to give them to the AAA baseball team that I worked for (along with potassium pills) to prevent muscle cramps in the game. Try doing a search or calling a local supplement store? I sooo love salt. Sigh. 🙂

  14. Melissa H

    (that was me. It double posted.)


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