Sneak Peak

Here is a pic my mom took of me at the photo shoot in the gym 🙂 She took more pics but she really sucks at taking pics like me!

I can wait to see the real ones!

Sodium loading is going okay. I’m getting use to the taste. My legs are tingly right now though. My weight is up but Tony said that is normal. I hope this works!



  1. Eve is going to Nationals

    Look at you with your make up and hair all did!!! Beautiful

    You’re looking lean girl. Can’t wait to see the pics.

  2. DB (Bella)

    So cute!!! Looking fwd to the pics!

  3. Stef


  4. Melissa H

    Look at how lean you are!! Holy CRAPOLA!! (and I am so drooling over those abs!!!)

  5. Tina

    Look at how tiny you are girl!!!!!
    Ans Stace and I were talkin about it…you are so freakin cute…are you kidding u so could be a model!!! Your mom….maybe not a photographer…but you definitely photogenic…mom didn’t have to work that hard 🙂 Love it!!

  6. Evelyne

    Yes, I LOVE the CHEESY smile!!! So cute! And like everyone else said you are lookin’ LEAN girl!!! Whoo-Hoooo!!!

  7. C2

    We obviously love the pictures, professional or not, you are a beauty! 🙂

  8. Krissa

    Looking good!


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