What Am I On???

Dang, i’ve got SO much energy today! I’ve cleaned all the carpets and I may as well go ahead and mop the floors. I cleaned out the cabinets, where I found some honey roasted cashews my hubs was hiding from me LOL! He is so silly.

Tony called me twice. Once seeing how I was doing and telling me to take pics. Second was to see how i’m doing and to let me know that i’m looking good. I told him i’m not completly happy with my butt but I won’t recognize it come November! He is happy with my muscle maturity even though I don’t see it. He said i’m thicker in a good way. My body dries out great, or at least it did last year so I can’t wait until Saturday!

I’ll be looking for a new 2 piece for my Nov comp. I told myself that once i’m happy with my backside i’ll get a suit to show it off. Any suggestions on styles or colors are welcome 🙂 I’m leaning towards shiny green for the color. I’m just nervous about a more revealing butt area even though I think it would make it look better??

Stef you are the sweetest!


  1. Tina

    OMG…I can’t wait….one more day and night!!!

  2. Michelle

    you look great April! good luck on Saturday!

  3. Colette

    Sounds like “busy work” to me. You are so excited/nervous that you have to keep yourself busy!

    Not that you need it, but “Good Luck!”

  4. Stef


  5. Lori

    Tony is right. April you look the best I have seen you. Way to go!!!

  6. Melissa H

    I’m so excited for you!! How in the world are we all going to wait for pictures to be posted?! GAH!!!


  7. Trojan

    Wahooooooooooooooooo go girl go. I can’t wait for SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!

  8. C2

    WOW, hasn’t the journey been TOTALLY worth it????? Goodness Woman! 🙂

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