Told Ya!

While emailing with Angela, Tina and Stacey last week I told them they won’t believe this pic of my stomach Sunday night! I felt like I was gonna explode! Was it worth it?…..HELL YEAH!

My weight was the exact same as it was yesterday morning…even after the bbq sandwich and slivers of fudge 🙂 Today’s damage was a salad with walnuts and goat cheese mmmmm…..

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Moose Munch!!!!! They also have milk chocolate, dark chocolate and cherry chocolate. Hell, i’ll get one of each since there are 4 of us and we can share 🙂



  1. Jim

    Uh … well, the salad sounds okay, anyway.

  2. Stef

    Amazing how fast one’s body can go from flat to bloated! Sugar totally does that to me.

    Glad your tummy is flat again!


  3. Laurie

    🙂 with the exception of this latest pic – you’re looking fantastic!!! (the cheat gut is so bad – it never occured to me to take a picture of it 🙂

  4. Muslfetish

    Ha that’s awesome!!! ….mmmmmm moose munch 🙂

  5. Angela

    mmmmmmm…moose munch 🙂 Im waiting for it…patiently 😉

  6. sunniejane

    I love Moose Munch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. B

    your hilarious! even with bloat you look better than most

  8. Melissa H

    WHAT-FREAKIN’-EVER!! I’d probably have an orgasm if my stomach looked like your bloated version. LOL

  9. Evelyne

    Mel, you crack me up!

    Ha! THAT’S BLOATED??!!? You are too cute! Gotta see MY stomach BLOATED!

    Mmmm, that Moose Munch looks delicious!

  10. C2

    The comments are hilarious….. 🙂

    You still are one of my heroes even with your bloated gut! 🙂

    Love you!

    ~ Elizabeth

  11. Tina

    Hilarious!! You weren’t kidding…I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!

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