Who Is That?

No seriosly…who is that? Thank goodness I found Stacey’s blog which led me to Tony. I’m in such a happy place right now. I have finally come to terms and excepted MY physique. My body is changing everyday and it just amazes me. That girl up there use to read through everything trying to find the magical solution. I’ve tried all kind of workout equipment. That girl use to do so much cardio it would put prep cardio to shame. Which by the way I have JUST been given 2 hours a day 🙂 My diet ROCKS and Tony has been calling me telling me to add things which make me happy! Like walnuts YUM! I love not reading and trying to see what everyone else does. He knows me and he knows what my body needs. Someday maybe i’ll learn that for myself. Given my track history though i’ll leave it up to someone else.

Dang, I have definition in my chest now, shoulder cuts are coming along and my abs rock! Sure I have things that I would like to change but don’t we all? I’m just trying to stay in this great place i’ve discovered!

After this show i’m going to TRY my best and maintain at a weight that is comfortable for me. That may be 112 and that may be 115. What you want me to do another “off season” bulk…NOPE won’t do it. I won’t get muscle that way? Oh well, it’s my body! I really need to stay off of other forums LOL!

I can’t wait for Muscle and The City!!!! This is going to be SO much fun!!!!!



  1. Stef

    Whoa! I have never seen you look like that…

    I am glad you are in a happy place right now. That’s all that matters.


  2. Evelyne

    I’m so happy that YOU are happy and that you found Stacey and therefore found Tony too. He’s beyond wonderful and we are all so fortunate to have found him.

  3. B

    you are a great example of body composition change you and tina amaze me! …just wanted to add for the hundred time please take lots of pics when you gals compete I wanna see LOL

  4. Jen's Journey

    You are doing SO great!!!!!

    Keep reaching! Jen xx

  5. Jodi Lane

    You have done such an awesome job,and you can’t give all the props to Tony…its mostly you girls that work your butts off! Because lets face it, when we dont wanna work hard there is no trainer in the world that could lift us up and force us to care…but you’re just awesome girlie! 😀

    I think the off season idea is sort of silly too…to me, basically it just means not measuring things obsessively. I don’t want to only look good for a month out of the year. Screw that. I can maintain a leaner physique more easily, but getting there is the tough part. I can do it though. I’ve already lost weight from DOING MY OWN DIETS! It must just be because I know all my issues and etc…I know my body real well now. 🙂

    I can’t WAIT to see ur pics from Nov 22! I hope I get that green bean suit soon so I can come see u!

  6. Krissa

    I totally agree with Jodi Lane. I mean, you COULD do your diet on your own. Tony wont be around forever to tell you what to eat. I cannot imagine someone calling me and telling me I can eat walnuts. I guess that is because I may lack the discipline needed to NOT eat the walnuts whenever I want them 🙂 (discipline getting better here tho) But YOU can do this stuff on your own without him now. Dont you think? It would be neat to see you do your own plan with your next competition. You are the one doing all the real work anyway. You are an inspiration to me. You really are a go-getter.

    I love the pic below with the moose munch. Never had the stuff–guess I better stay away if it make you smile that much! 🙂

  7. Tracy

    WOW! What a change! Not just the outside, but the facial expression, which reflects the inside.

  8. Muslfetish

    Yep it is going to be awesome! Great post 🙂

  9. Stef

    I came back to read the comments and I tend to agree with Krissa and Jodi….you have been doing this long enough that you probably could do it on your own.


  10. April

    Yep, I probably COULD do this on my own, I mean I use to and look at that picture up there. That’s why I won’t!

    It’s so much easier having someone send you your workouts or make up your meal plans IMO. To each their own. When you find a trainer you mesh with there is nothing like it!

  11. Tracy

    Keep Inspiring April…you are doing sooooooooo AWESOME!!!


  12. Tina

    Girl…I can’t wait…and my sediments exactly 😉

  13. Muslfetish

    Here, here! 😉

  14. Ruby

    Awesome transformation April..everyones got to do what works for them and makes them happy!

  15. Angela

    And he sure knows what he is doing 🙂 The proof is in the pudding…mmmm pudding..LOL!

  16. Jenn

    Great post April! I love hearing about people’s inner changes. I don’t plan to do an off-season bulk either. I didn’t work this hard to go bulk up afterwards. I did this to lose and don’t care if I ever win a competition as long as what I’ve lost stays off! You’re great!

  17. sunniejane

    I am with you on the bulking crap. I hate it and bitch about it non stop!

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