Reminding Myself

Yesterday I felt like crap and this morning i’m feeling great! I even sent Tony a text and told him my pants were getting tight. He replies…No more cheats! Oh yeah, maybe that is why LOL!

This is the point in time when i’ve added back cottage cheese, Metrx and fruit, and i’m gaining so I believe it’s because of that. Nevermind the Wheat Thins or the 6 chocolate covered pretzels I’ve had! So I am responsible for what I put in my mouth. That doesn’t mean I won’t relax and enjoy the holidays. I’m doing okay on my eating I think. I would be perfect if there wasn’t that thing called chocolate that’s EVERYWHERE right now. Funny how I can pass on it during prep time but not right now???

My weight is fluctuating between 116~118 right now. As long as I don’t go over 120 during this season i’ll be alright 🙂 I REALLY want to be 114. 4 stinking lbs…is that too much to ask for? That’s a mini goal for myself…114 by 12/24 because that is appetizer night at mom’s and I know i’ll gain then LOL!



  1. Becca

    You are too funny! Hey, as long as you can fit into your jeans (snug is ok as long as you don’t have to go up a size!) you’re safe. LOL

  2. Marissa

    MMM chocolate covered pretzels! One of my favorites. I wish I only had 4 pounds to worry about 🙂 I’ve got WAY more than that!
    You’ll do great!

  3. Katie

    Yeah I have a hard with that chocolate that is EVERYWHERE too. Its just a little piece and its right there asking you to take it and enjoy it. 🙂

  4. Evelyne

    Oooh! To be 114! Yeah, SO not happenin’ here! If it was pure muscle, maybe. But for me, that MAY be a little too thin. But I like the sound of that number. BACK IN THE DAY, I weighed 110 and couldn’t gain a lb for the life of me. Have fun, Xmas only comes once a year.

  5. Jodi Lane

    Don’t worry about the fluctuation…that’s normal for me too. I think it is for most people. What I do when I have a little carb snack, like the wheat thins….just have a little shot of protein along with it. that helps balance it out so u dont store it all as fat!!! 😀 That way the carbs dont go straight into ur bloodstream 😀 U look great-dont fret!

  6. Stef

    I would say not too worry! All that Chocolate crap will be gone in a few weeks and the cheats will be a thing of the past.

    I blogged about who’s going to the Arnold. I am assuming you are (and Jodi and Angela). What are your specific plans as to when you are arriving, etc. Please go check out my blog, when you get a minute.


  7. Rosso

    Hi this is a great blog and totally inspirational pictures. Well done you! Please do check out my blog for some great health and diet tips, I’ve just started blogging myself! Thanks

  8. Krissa

    Only 6 whopping chocolate covered pretzels? I call that will-power 🙂 I love those things but they are hard to stop at just 6.

    You are very disciplined.

  9. Kim

    I need to visit your blog more often…great post-comp stuff!! I’m right with ya on this…my body is hovering around the 10-12 pound gain since I walked off stage. BTW: It looks like most of my weight is in my lower body, not the face so much. Overall, I just feel fuller and less cut, which is fine. Afterall, it’s not bikini season, right? Let’s enjoy this new found fullness and make it count, Girl!!! You are doing awesome!! xoxo

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