2009 Is Here!

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I’m not sure what this year has in store for me, but I do know that I have 3 great friends that I can’t wait to share it with! Let me not forget Jodi though πŸ˜‰ She is a friend that I could see at anytime though LOL!

I’m so glad that 2008 is over with. It was a REALLY bad year for my family. My sister is still living with my dad due to her house being destroyed by the flood. She is a lot stronger than I am though and she’s really proven that. I’m very proud of her and her husband for dealing and getting through this together.

On the fitness front I started my new diet today WOO! I already feel tons better and I can’t wait to see what a few weeks on the diet brings. Of course then i’ll be laying in bed for a bit due to surgery ugh…



  1. Stef

    Hi April! Can’t wait to see you at The Arnold!

    Happy New Year!!!


  2. Jodi Lane

    I’m the type of friend that isn’t typically placed in a group LOL What can I say, I’ve always been an outcast!!!! πŸ˜€

  3. Nerdful Things

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  4. Marissa

    That pic is great! You guys look awesome. So are you competing at the Arnold? That’s over my Bday and might be coming to the expo and to check it all out.

    That is great that you have friends doing comps with you! None of my friends claim they aren’t “brave” enough to go on stage…boo!!

  5. JocelynD

    Love the pics πŸ™‚ Happy New Year and I’ll be sending good wishes n prayers for your surgery!

  6. Muslfetish

    oh I missed this blog entry! Love it!

  7. Jodi Lane

    Umm…I didn’t “love” it huh huh.

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