It Finally Happened

TOM has arrived. I have not had it since June or July. I’m actually glad it’s here because my weight is above 115 and i’m not doing much cardio so it’s natural that it would come back. Figures it comes back the week of my surgery ugh…

This explains a lot of things though, why i’ve been REALLY grumpy, why I felt like crying for no reason and why i’ve been wanting CHOCOLATE!!! Good thing the diet i’m on doesn’t allow for many carbs or M&M’s would be hopping into my mouth 😉

Yesterday I did some extra cardio because i’m starting to think my body isn’t going to lose being 100% on my diet. I just get these thoughts in my head that i’ll start hardcore after my surgery because there is no need to do that much since i’ll be out for a few days. In reality I should just do it now and actually rest for a few days. I NEVER rest so it’ll probably be good for me.

Okay that’s enough blabbing.


  1. Becca

    Aw! Even though it sucks to have TOM, you know it’s healthy for you and a woman’s body was designed that way. When are you going in for your surgery?

  2. Muslfetish

    Oh I’m so sorry lol so Tina’s on hers, I’m on mine…what about Angela? 🙂 I hope everything goes good with your surgery and your back to your normal routine asap!

  3. Jodi Lane

    You’re a healthy girl!!! We’re both TOMing this week, my sister is this week ALSO!!! Crazy all of us girls at once, geezo!!!

    I’m really in a depression today and sorta upset about somethings. I hate being a woman sometimes! At least our clothes and shoes are more fun…

  4. Angela

    Well its about time!!! LOL!!!

    But of course it happens the week of your surgery! You knew that!

  5. Jessica

    I want to say congrats on getting your TOM but that may mean you hate me!! 🙂 It does feel kind of weird NOT to have your period so I am sure it was nice (kind of????) to get it back. 🙂

    Although I have to admit, not having it for the last 14 weeks is AWESOME! 🙂

    Let your body be in a healthy place for your surgery and give it what it will need to heal!

    Have a great week chica!

  6. C2

    It definitely is a “healthy” thing!

    I’ll be thinking about you and your upcoming surgery!


  7. Krissa

    I like what Jessica said, “Let your body be in a healthy place.” It is good to rest and have periods 🙂

    Praying your surgery goes well—I am sure it will.

  8. Tracy

    TOM sucks, nuff said!

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