FFF the snow!

So my morning started off getting stuck in my driveway grrr…The stupid plow that finally came at 9p at night piled snow up on it. So here comes my husband, who had to wake up, to push me out. Acting all pissy and stuff. Okay boy i’ve been up for an hour and a half, ran 3.3 miles, and am getting ready to drive to work the last place I wanna be. He gets to work from home…poor guy. He proceeds to push my car which isn’t budging one bit. He tells me to get the F out of the car. Like him pushing the gas pedal is any different from what i’m doing?? Nothing happens. So I proceed to push the car, yep you guessed it….pushed it right into the street! So i’m crying because he cussed at me and get in my car and said he’s just mad that i’m stronger than him.

He emails me from work like nothing happened. I told him he made me cry…you all know how hard that is. He said he was tired and doesn’t remember it. So at lunch he came and picked me up and brought Boomer too to make my day 🙂 Then when I get home I have these with a cute made from scratch:

He also said he is going to rub my feet for a long time tonight YIPPEE!

I’m getting a new meal plan and workout regimen from Tony! I just might have my mojo back!



  1. Tearose

    LOL? Whats that April?

  2. April

    Ooopsy 🙂

  3. Krissa

    I cannot stand it when people cuss at each other. I couldnt handle it. If Andy cussed at me, especially the F bomb, I would have cried too. You deserved those flowers. They are pretty. But the best part is the self made card—extra sweet effort 🙂

    And a foot rub??? Ahhh…..relaxing. I love foot rubs 🙂

  4. Tearose

    aww pretty flowers and a card and a foot rub? Can I send my hubby over for lessons? 😛

  5. Health Girl

    awww.. 🙂 You won after all. 🙂

    I had the opposite… sorta. I couldn’t get IN my driveway last night. Hubs shoveled the driveway out this morning. No foot rub or flowers for me for walking 1/4 mile in the snow from where I parked last night…

  6. Becca

    I don’t like cussing at each other either, but sometimes anger gets the best of you/them. Usually them! At least you have a good one who knows when he did something wrong. Live it up all you can tonight! 🙂

  7. Jessica

    Oh girl…this made me sad and brought back some memories for me…my hubby and I (before we were hubby and wife) went through these types of episodes where we would lose our temper and someone (99% of the time him) would swear. One day when we weren’t fighting, I told him it hurt me when he swore at me. And one day he made a commitment to HIMSELF not to do it anymore. And he has kept that commitment. It was really interesting to me because I didn’t ask him to stop, he chose to do it.

    Anyway, you DESERVE those flowers and the card and the foot rub. And I am happy you are getting spoiled. 🙂


  8. Ruby

    You deserverd those flowers and all the extra! No one should talk to anyone like that! Glad he realized it! That’s the most important thing!

  9. Muslfetish

    Awww that’s so awesome! I’m not saying a thing about the cussing cause I am the worst out there! Lol Foot rubs rock!

  10. Angela

    you and i both know how bad we curse our “better halves” but he is too cute! Are you sure you want to marry me? I would keep him around if i were you 🙂

  11. Tina

    Awe you’ve got it good…he could cuss at me any day for a foot rub!!!

    BTW…great job on using those muscles!!!! Love it 🙂

    See you round blog land 🙂

  12. Tina

    But something tells me you left me here alone to cash in that foot rub…oh the love….and Angela…you said you loved me best…What’s up with that ?

  13. Evelyne

    Oh, me and the Hubby can REALLY get into it at times. We both have really bad gutter mouths so it doesn’t really faze either one of us. Glad you guys made up. That’s what counts. And look at you! Pushing the car out! You go girl!

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