I must, I must…

I must increase my bust! I know,I know,I know that they will grow! My cousin, sister and I use to chant this when we were little. It REALLY worked for them. I was chanting it during my chest workout tonight. I can honestly say that I have some man pecs! My hubs is jealous 🙂 I LOVE to work chest! I can see striations and veins since I obviously don’t have any fat there. I also love to work abs for that same reason!

I’m having a good day. I feel lighter and my eating and workouts have been awesome so I know something good has to be happening. My morning cardios have been THE bomb!!!

I WILL be going out this weekend for Valentine’s Day. It’s not a cheat, ahi tuna and steamed broccoli. I can’t wait! We’re also going to see Taken…I heard it’s really good? I love dates!


  1. Danielle

    OMG LOL x TEN!!!! My sister came home from school one day and said her friend’s mom told her that if they used a spoon to jiggle the “bump” that their breasts would grow faster. We actually tried it but we felt dumb and just went and ate some chocolate pudding instead. Same spoon! LOL! What we girls do for men….

  2. Raechelle

    Total LOL…I’m thinking “are you there god, it’s me margaret”….Keep on pumpin girl!
    Gotta love makin’ hubby jealous!

  3. Krissa

    Taken is a great flick. You two will enjoy it. I want expecting much since the hubby picked it out but I kept telling him during the movie, “Man, I love this movie!!!”

    Enoy your date.

  4. Jodi Lane

    Hmmm, what’s a date? I don’t think I recognize this word…

  5. Eve

    Taken is brilliant! Just saw it the other night! Keep up the awesome workouts! You are so motivating me!

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