7 more days!

I can’t wait to be on the ocean! Warm weather, beaches and sunburns! My husband really needs a vacation poor guy.

I had a great massage and my legs felt so much better until I tortured them over the weekend 🙂

I’m meeting up with a friend at Starbucks this afternoon. I haven’t seen her in forever and we were together 24/7 in High School. We are both goobers and had so much fun together so this will be a nice reunion. She is one of those friends that I can not see in 10 years and when we get together it will be like we were never apart.

Diet and workouts are going great! I’m feeling leaner and that’s always a nice feeling. I will try and take pics later this week to do a before and after cruise body! EEK! There is nothing like running on a treadmill looking out at the ocean though ahhhh…can’t wait!




  1. Tracy

    ahh how fun… you lucky dog you.


  2. Becca

    Ooh lovin’ the new page upgrade.
    Gosh I’m so jealous. I would be happy to even eat a cheeseburger right now, let alone go on a cruise!! I hope you have a blast, I’m sure you will!

  3. Gretchen

    where ya goin on vaca?

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