Who Is My Competition?

I had no clue that I could actually do this. This was by far the easiest yet hardest prep. Easy because my body was a fat burning machine. Hardest because I had no idea what to expect.

Oh boy, sodium load and deplete did NOT work for me. On another note, running on incline worked my bootay!

This is the leanest i’ve ever been. 28 days NO carb(only for the comp pic above). By that I mean 0! Not even lettuce. The nicest thing about this though is I didn’t have to do much cardio. I also was lean when I started because of the September show. Note to self: Stay lean year round and preps aren’t as stressful.

I’m in competition with myself. I’m doing this for no other goal than to feel my best and watch my body transform. Even if Monica Brant was doing this up coming show I would still do it.

Now the pressure is on because of my cruise. I keep mentioning that don’t I? 😉



  1. Becca

    You’re not even eating veggie carbs?

  2. April

    I am now! I didn’t for my show in November…Muscle in the City 😉

  3. Gretchen

    wow, what are you eating then?

  4. C2


  5. Slyde

    that is awesome.. you’re in great shape!

  6. Kelly Olexa

    All I can say is WOOT! Dedication!!

  7. Becca

    I hope you let yourself have a great time on the cruise. I love your mindset about the whole thing.
    BTW, do you still have that suit? I LOVE IT. If I ever do another comp, I may wanna rent/trade with you. 😉

  8. Ruby

    Hey April! I love your body in your first comp. I think you have such a great figure. I could not eat no carbs..I think that I would eventually eat my arm off or even eat someone. I have to say you are so dedicated and I love your attitude! One day I hope I can have that much confidence .. I am getting there.

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