Girl Crush

I’ve always loved Ali Larter and now I see she has a new movie coming out! Looks like one of those “already been done” but i’ll still see it if she’s in it 🙂




  1. Becca

    She’s super beautiful in a non-fakey way.

  2. Tearose

    Heyyy I was on Pyzam today looking for a new layout and I loved this one! and then I come here and you have it! lol You have good taste 😛

  3. Jodi Lane

    I don’t know who this chick is but she’s cute! I have a girl crush on Rachel McAdams LOL

  4. Ruby

    I think Ali Larter looks great! She was in one of the Legally Blonde Movies.After looking at so many fitness girls to motivate me I developed so many girl crushes..LOL.
    Have a great time on your cruise and enjoy yourself..wishing you a safe journey and looking foward to hearing all about it!!!

  5. Hayley

    Ahhh yes..the girl crushes. As you can tell from my blog I have a thing for Britney Spears..LOL..ok not really – that was just comparing our body types. I DO think I was a lesbian in my previous life though because I have lots of girl crushes – including Jessica Biel!! LOVE her body..

  6. April

    LOL! I think I was a lesbian too! Brittany Daniels is another hottie WOO!

  7. Hayley

    Oh I totally agree!!! LOL…you know what I find totally weird is that I think I spend way more time looking at women’s bodies than I do men’s. I seriously think I have issues.. 🙂

  8. April

    I’m the same way! LOL! I LOVE my husbands body though so I don’t care to look at anyone elses. Although Ryan Reynolds and Brad Pitt are easy on the eyes 😉

  9. Hayley

    oh I definitely agree with you on Ryan Reynolds and Brad Pitt…maybe Mark Walhberg too. And of course my second husband David Beckham. 🙂 Ok maybe I look at both men and women..LOL..

  10. Kelly Olexa

    I can’t wait to see that movie- it has Beyonce in it too….what’s it called, I can’t remember. She is gorgeous. My girl crush is Jen Garner big time. Hawt.
    Rock on girl.

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