Still around….

I’m still plugging away. I’m about over the bad turkey I ate thank goodness! Weight loss has stopped and it’s frustrating but I just keep thinking about the warm weather and short shorts I want to wear this summer.



  1. Stacey

    ooooh I love your signature thing!

  2. Melissa H

    Me too! And I’m a bit envious and feeling like I wanna be a copycat. 🙂

  3. ccat

    I love the “Dear Body” , it made me smile-thank you!
    I think it’s fantastic that you are so dedicated and I respect that so much-I hope I can be that motivated, one meal and step at a time right? You look awesome!

  4. Reese

    I think I need to have the same conversation with my hips and booty! Although mine would involve a lot more yelling…”your 23 body…not 85!!! what’s with the saddle bags” lol!

  5. Tina

    lol! Ditto to all your commenters… I love it 🙂

  6. sunniejane

    Hang in there girl!

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