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I have been an emotional mess lately! AAAHHHGGGGG!!!! I’m not sure what is wrong with me. One day i’m on top of the world the other in HELL. Yesterday I cried thinking about working out. All day long all I wanted to do was cry. I’m reading a book on androgen disease. There was a sentence that stuck out in my mind….Has your body forgotten it’s female? YES! I haven’t had a period in 8 months! It also talks how many women think they are healthy because their diet is good and they exercise but if you don’t have a period that IS a VERY important sign that your health isn’t good….sigh. Well here’s my diagnosis.

It looks as if I won’t be competing in May. Tony and I had a long conversation yesterday and I think i’ve made my decision. I’m not sure what’s wrong with my body but it’s NOT cooperating. I’m okay with that. I know i’m under stress with the job loss etc…and competing isn’t my life. I just hate to throw out that OCB card and not get another use out of it LOL!

We’re suppose to get better at each show too. I would NOT be leaner than I was in Novemeber. I have to keep that in mind. I think i’m just a later in the year competitor and there is nothing wrong with that 🙂 Until I can get my weight under control I don’t need to worry about comps. I’m not at all disappointed with my physique right now it’s just less than 4 weeks is NOT going to cut it. Sure there are hoops I could jump through but I am NOT willing to screw my body up anymore than it already is. Tony has cut my cardio in half and we’re going to make ME happy. This prep has become a burden and no fun and when that happens what’s the point?

I’m sure tomorrow i’ll be all rainbows and butterflies 🙂



  1. Mary M

    Hey girl….sounds to me like you have had the answer just needed to come to terms with it…like you said your HEALTH is #1! Everything comes in its seasons and right now yours obviously needs some watering and good fertilization so you can come back STRONGER!

    Have a blessed day,

  2. Tearose

    I here ya girl. I haven’t even competed yet and my body is having a fit. My hormones are so out of whack i have had PMS symptoms for 3 weeks and no period. I have kind of come to the same conclusion.I want to be healthy, I just want to feel good and have energy and be able to THINK again. I hope tomorrow is a sunny day and the birds are chirping and all is right in your world! I am going back to hiding now 🙂

  3. Angela

    Butterflies and rainbows? LOL!!! Your funny…but i do understand how you feel and you need to be happy with yourself first!

    But for real….you look great…and lean 🙂

  4. Becca

    You need to worry about getting you healthy and doing what you need to do.I can’t beleive you haven’t had a period in 8 months, omg!! Yeah that is not good.
    And you’re right, if you’re not having fun with it and enjoying it, what is the point? It’s not your life, it’s a hobby and hobbies should be fun.

    You’ll get on stage again one day, better than your last show, I know it. Do whatcha gotta do girlie, and keep us posted.


  5. Reese

    I can totally relate! I am sitting here thinking that my period is 2 weeks late, and the last time I finally got it, she was 3 months late…

    It’s so smart of you to just listen to your body and take some time off.

    p.s. You really think if I cut out the yogurt, bread, etc. it would help? Just curious, I think anything would be a help to kickstart my metabolism…

  6. Reese

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    I thought you might get a kick out of this…a friend of mine calls tan red-heads “day walkers”, from the movie Blade. Half vampire, half human.

    He says I am supposed to take this as a complement lol.

  7. CathyC

    I think you look awesome, you’re so lean and strong-good for you! You inspire a lot of us-thanks for sharing! I am always looking for motivation!

  8. Giabella Designs

    You have come such a long way and you look great! Go easy on yourself and be proud that you are doing something to protect your health, you are still so young and have many years ahead of you…….

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