New Diet and New Goals

Hey everyone! I’ve been reading blogs but just haven’t felt or had the time to post. Yesterday was a tough day but we all survived. Thanks again for all you wishes and Elizabeth we had some extraordinary grandparents huh? They made it easy for us to remember them LOL! Memorial Day, Genius! My gma, aunt, mom and I are going to have a vanilla latte on that day from now on because that was gpa’s favorite drink 🙂 Did I tell you how organized he was? Man, I wish I had got that from him. Instead I get mine from my dad….it’s in the shoe box somewhere. I think I learned some new techniques from him that I will try. It wasn’t hard for my aunt to find things that’s for sure.

Wednesday I got a new diet!! It’s the best diet i’ve had since being with Tony LOL! It won’t last long though so i’ll just enjoy it why I can.

I’ve finally quit looking at pictures of what I want to look like. I mean I need to focus on getting my body to a point where I am healthy and look MY best. I’m really liking the bikini physique right now. You all know how much I change my mind so it may be different tomorrow but check her out…I can look like this only with my body. I have a smaller waist, fuller butt and legs, so when I do get a job and schedule I may be doing a bikini contest in the future? Not in Indy though because they don’thave them. Jodi told me the KY Muscle will so maybe that’ll be a goal??



  1. Becca

    Glad to hear you are doing better and you seem to be smiling and alive still – I can feel it through you post so good!! 🙂

    As far as that girl goes, I LOVED HER! She is pretty much my goal body too and I tell ya what, you could TOTALLY acheive that! I would love to do a bikini contest with you – maybe we can find one that has bikini and figure and get a whole bunch of the girls together like we were talkinga bout later this fall…
    I totally think with those long legs and little waist you would do phenominal in bikini! 🙂


  2. CathyC

    April I think it’s wonderful you want to do bikini-you girls are already there if you ask me!

  3. mb

    Hey girlie,

    I was so confused about your grandpa and now I have cleared my head and wanted to say, I’m sorry about your loss. Sometimes it’s so nice to have the memories and sometimes it just sucks to ONLY have the memories. I’ll be praying for your family.

    Looking forward to your new bikini journey…keep changing. Change is GOOD!

  4. Becca

    I mean, just look at her – what’s not to love?

  5. *ANA*

    cant wait to follow your progress girl!!!!

  6. Melissa Cunningham

    agreeing with becca here! and april,so sorry to hear about your grandpa-mine passed away on easter sunday a few yrs ago-is always been said that the best wayto never forget someome is to never stop loving them-memeries last a life time chica!
    anyways,on a more positive note,IF you and becca were looking for some girls to do the KY muscle,count me in-i havent gone pro yet in IFBB so i can still compete through NPC…yall might have to twist my arm a bit though-LOL!!! NPC is just tough for the smaller gals,maybe if i tone myself down i can do bikini???hmmmmmmm……

  7. Becca



  8. April

    LOL! Becca that’s too funny 🙂

    Melissa actually I think you SHOULD compete in the NPC figure! Your conditioning is actually what they want. The pro girls are TINY…the mags and stuff make them look bigger.

  9. Melissa Cunningham

    april and becca,yall crack me up!!! maybe one day i wll compete NPC figure-i have ben told by NPC judes i need to gain size,(like 15-18lbs!!)but that is something i refuse to do-we will see though,i have gotten more detailed and dfined since i competd through NPC,maybe i stand a chance how i am right now?will think about it!

  10. Kelly Olexa

    Sending you {{{{hugs}}}} about your grandpa and thinking of you.

  11. Sunnie

    Been thinkin about ya and glad you are doing okay.

    I think that is so doable for you! Do bikini—you might love it and then that will be all your ever want to do. I am sure I would do better at bikini but I love me some bodybuilding.

  12. Becca

    Honestly April, having done one comp of each figure and bikini – the bikini was a lot more fun to me. Just more fun walk, posing (or not) but kinda hamming it up like a photo shoot or whatever – idk, it was a great time. I think you’d love it!

  13. Krissa

    Sorry for your loss. I know it is very tough.

    I think bikini is an excellent idea!!!! You can do it!

    And I highly recommend the KY Muscle show….since I live in KY! 🙂

  14. Jodi

    Yup let’s all do the KY muscle??? I’m in probably for sure. That way I can skip OCB in sept because I seriously have to take the LSATs

  15. Tina

    🙂 I’m liking this post…hmm kentucky muscle show…hmm???

  16. Stef

    I think the Monster Mash will have bikini. It is in late October and it is one of the few NPC shows that is drug tested.


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