Ever Have One Of Those Days?

Where EVERYTHING goes GREAT! It started off with an awesome cardio session, a great breakfast and a pleasant walk with Boomer. She even found something along the way 🙂

Then I finally went to Goodwill and Half Price books and I left here at 10a, got all the green lights and made it back by 10:30a! I thought about stopping at Nature’s Pharm but I knew I would buy things I really don’t need like organic chocolate.

Then I was bored and didn’t feel like doing my leg workout so I laid down to take a power nap(don’t hate me I don’t have any $$). I heard the doorbell ring and it was the UPS man with my Metrx! WOO!

Sweet, you can see my shiny gold tooth in this picture. Well you wouldn’t know that’s what it was but now you know. My grandpa had a gold tooth so I got one too! His was in the front, not sure I would go that far 😉

So then I was excited about my leg workout because afterwards I would get a chocolate shake! YUM! Okay, although I don’t have any $$ these are worth every penny to me 🙂



  1. CathyC

    Enjoy it,I also enjoy a chocolate chip protein shake but I might try and order yours!!

  2. Becca

    April,you gold tooth pirate!! You stole that metrx didn't you!? More booty for the pillaging!
    LMAO. Actually I think the gold tooth is cool (but agree it's best tucked further back in teh mouth) and yes, I LOVE METRX TOO!

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