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  1. So I wanna know why is everyone moving to wordpress…I’m always the last to know everything…it drives me nuts 🙂 Atleast I have you to keep me informed 🙂

  2. redhead75

    Hey woman! I just decided to switch on Monday and then read that Trojan was switching too! Not sure why but i’m liking it so far. It’s easier to load pictures where you want and stuff. I miss the blogroll thing though 😦

  3. Margarita

    I love this one!!! Makes it easier to leave responces… Heck – it makes ME want to start writing again!!! 😉

    I LOVE your “blogs”, Ape! 😛


  4. Margarita

    LOL – check out my profile picture! hahahaha

  5. redhead75

    Looks just like ya LOL!

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