Okay, i’m not even gonna say anything about that title.  I LOVE this thing at McD’s!!!  BFF!  It’s an unemployed persons dream!  Movies for $1!  Plus you can sign up online and get a code text to you and you get a free movie on the first of every new month!  I must add that I always walk to get the movies 😀  It’s cute because Boomer who always has to walk a little ahead stops when she gets to the redbox because she knows.  Other than that we have no use for McD’s.  I use to see people using this thing and thought it just had cartoons etc in it.  If you haven’t used it quit wasting your money at Blockbusters!!

I’ve had a boring weekend.  I like that though.  Mike and I went for an hour bike ride yesterday.  I should say a motorcycle ride because it had nothing to do with cardio 😀  I did get LOTS of cardio in yesterday.  I had some PB filled pretzels nuggets Friday night…shhhh…They were “all natural” and on sale at Kroger so I couldn’t pass them up.  They were for Mike but I snagged a few.  Now I feel like a puffaump.  Do you remember those?

I found a picture of one LOL!



I need to be a good girl eating this week because Tony wants pictures on Saturday!!  I weighed this morning and i’m 117.6 so i’m pleased with that for now.  Hopefully some of that was pretzel weight LOL!

I did find this trick helpful when I was eating dinner 😀

Pizza plate makes it taste like pizza!

Pizza plate makes it taste like pizza!

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  1. Cathy

    Hi April,
    You crack me up..I know I look like a pufflelump today-whatever that is..sounds like something round and fluffy for are so good to yourself, I was not good this week-end..can’t wait until my pms is over!!

  2. LOl how cute are you with the pizza plate! OMg anything with PB sounds awesome, last time I made PB cookies I meant to make them for Dan and his dad, but I ate them all lol and had to go buy ingredients for a second batch! O.0
    I was like look I haven’t had these in like 6 years! lol
    I am scared to make them again 😦 redbox sounds like…netflix? I wonder if we have anything like that here.

  3. I LOVED PUFFALUMPS!! I had one GIANT one which was about as big as me. I think mom still has it in her basement. It was a purple hippo. I used to use it as a pillow and drool on it. LOL GROSS!

    Ok we have Redbox up here in a few locations but I am still a fan of Netflix FOR SURE. It ends up being just over a dollar per movie if you watch and send back right away, plus you only have to walk as far as your mailbox!! LOL. I get the movies I want online in my account and I can even chose which one I get and when (unless they somehow are out of stock which is rare).

    And food, I don’t even want to talk about this weekend. BLeh.
    So are you gonna share your progress pics with us? the ones you send to Tony???

    🙂 Are you thinking of doing Monster Mash?
    See my blog.


  4. Um, how come every time I comment there is a red and purple crab as my icon!? LOL!!!

  5. haha love the plate. your too funny!

  6. I am a HUGE fan of funky plates…I LOVE this one. Does it really make it taste like pizza? LOl..

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