Here’s a picture for you Becca 😀  Also I just wanted to use the title Redbox LOL!  I’ll post the ones I send to Tony also.  You know I ain’t skeered.
Looks like I have boobs!  Awesome!

Looks like I have boobs! Awesome!

 Here’s where the mind plays games.  Why can’t I look at this picture and be 100% happy.  All I see is the fat on my freaking hips!  My legs are starting to get leaner though and I think it’s because i’m eating more carbs and I get better cardio sessions.  Don’t get me wrong because i’m not UNHAPPY with the way I look right now.  It’s just that for those that have competed we get a warped mind sometimes.

I have had so much energy today!  I just got done with my 4th workout…i’m a FREAK!  I need a job LOL!

My mom and her cousin were talking about their flat butt syndrome last weekend.  They made me stand up to see if I had it.  My little sister does.  I told them nope I have a butt but they have boobs too and I don’t.  Now that I think about it I am the only one with a round butt.  I accredit that to Gilad’s workout that I started when I was 12  😉


  1. You’re doing great with WordPress, April! I love your new blog!

  2. Cathy

    April you look amazing! You are sooo lean, there is no fat on your hips! Be proud of your healthy round booty!!

  3. ana

    i love the way you look april!!! i wish you would see what i see because you look really nice!

  4. OMG you look GREAT! I now know how after a comp it can F with your brain but you look fabulous and um, yeah there is no fat on your hips!! You look more than beach ready, and def. bikini ready!! WOOOTY WOO!!!
    Thanks for posting the pic. Yes, I also want to see the ones you sent to tony. Ok maybe you have inspired me to post a pic of my post comp body. MAYBE. We shall see. No one has seen a pic of me since my comps! LOL…

    Oh and about that round booty…i got it too! I would so much rather be flat chested that flat bootied!! At least you can buy some boobs, your mom and your sister are out of luck with buying a nice booty!

  5. Ok and I thought I HAD A LITTLE WAIST! 🙂

  6. I love your new blog! I opened up a WordPress account but I don’t even know where to begin..LOL. I love your layout and picture. Even better – the title of your blog is awesome.

    I understand about your mind playing tricks on you, but I can promise that April – you look fabulous. Any girl would kill to look like you (including me!!) You have awesome abs…

  7. Em

    GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You better stop with those mind games becuase; HELLO!?!?!?
    Yeah April, you look wonderful! Gawwww!!!!

  8. Ruby

    Oh my gosh April! you look friggin amazing! Wow! Like what more do you have to work on you have a perfect body!
    I love your dedication.

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