What Was I Thinking?

This morning I woke up and did my usual 1/2 hour of cardio.  These early sessions are getting better and better!  I’m getting faster and i’m not having to walk 🙂  Then it’s leg day.  I do my squats etc…and a bit more cardio just to make them extra sore.  Mike had decided to go on a run after work and I was bored so I dusted off one of my favorite Cathe workouts.  The CTX Xpress Step and Intervals.  I swear when I pull out an old step video it’s like a new one all over again.  I don’t remember any of those routines LOL!  I am an expert at step I must say though 😉  OMG!  When I got done my legs were quivering.  I hopped in the shower and when I came downstairs I noticed it was downpouring.  I hopped in the Matrix with Boomer(I was driving) and we went to find daddy!  I found him and he was glad.  He was about 4 miles from home. 

Now i’m making our dinner.  I am obsessed with liquid smoke!  I don’t know what’s in it or what it’s made of but for the moment i’m LOVING it!

We’re getting ready to watch BTK!  Boomer and I walked to McD’s redbox because I had a promo code so it was free 🙂  I love walking there and looking at all the fatties eating food that’s clogging their arteries…I never said I was a nice person!!


  1. LOL I am not that nice either!! I am constantly biting my tounge…but we all have those thoughts from time to time right? But if I really sit back an examine my thoughts, I feel bad. To each their own, I know..They are probably looking at me and thinking “haha skinny bitch with her food issues and obessive habits, she is sooo not enjoying life”.

    Ah, the world is a strange place.

  2. Nice/not nice, sometimes you gotta say it!
    I am so impressed with your expertise at Step, I become and uncoordinated mess.

  3. HOLLA! Just found your new blog and updated my site w/the address. I’m in NYC and oohhh need to workout! GRRRR.

  4. I like to focus on my legs somedays too! I’ll do some cardio, and then do some jumping squats (my fav move!) then lunges…nothing like Jello legs 🙂

  5. marissa

    i love liquid smoke too! that is what i put on my thanksgiving turkey. and i started using it to make my burgers too. i think the sodium is super low too so thats a plus!

  6. hayleycepeda

    That’s so sweet of you to go pick up your husband so that he didn’t have to run in the rain! Are you able to walk today?! 🙂

  7. redhead75

    LOL! Yes, i”m not sore YET!

  8. HAHAHA! thank you for coming out and saying it. i always think that when i go by a mcdonalds or any fast food..but i never voice that…. now i just might haha you’ve inspired my bitchiness. couldn’t thank you enough 🙂

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