Blonde Moment

Okay I have a lot of these actually.  I’ve done this before.

Pay CLOSE attention!

Pay CLOSE attention!

Luckily today it was the pumpkin pie spice in the rice and not the cayenne in the oats!

My husband’s place of work is hiring.  Not sure if that would be a good idea or not?  The pay is decent and the job requires no brain use.  We’ve been planning our 10th wedding anniversary though and now that I don’t have any limits we are going to be gone from Aug. 5th~15th.  I’m bound to find a job now and ruin that 🙂  Of course it’s no Hawaii like we’ve always dreamed of.  We’re going to Florida/Alabama again because last year was SO much fun!

I was just at my mom’s and there were nuts!  I LOVE nuts!  Especially brazil nuts YUM!

QUESTION:  How long does a jar of PB last in your house?



  1. A jar of PB lasts about a month at my house bc I eat a different kind than Tim. I eat organic, non salted pb from my little health food store and Tim just eats jif. GROSS! I used to love it but now i think it tastes like plastic after eating my quality stuff…

    LOL pumpkin spice rice. that doesn’t sound that bad…caynne pepper oatmeal, NOT SO MUCH! LMAO.

    I honestly don’t know about working with Mike…for some people it would be fine but I think Tim and I would get sick of each other in close proximity…
    Now if you were just working at his company but didnt see him all day, that would be diff….idk….

  2. I think you ought to try out that job–you can always leave it if its too much tension. Todd and I work really well together when I used to do tree work with him quite often. You’d be fine most definitely! I would kinda think that’d be nice!!!

    By the way–I ‘did’ see your other post about Bobbie Jo on blogspot but came here to respond! I wish I could have came to eat with you girls–we would have gotten kicked outta there hahaha j/k… Nah, you and I would have gotten kicked out of there for talking about TURDS! LOL!!!!!

    Anyhow–PB–I’ve had the same naturally more jar for about 1.5 weeks in the house. Right now for some reason I’m 100% clean and staying that way. I take a butterknife once in a while if I’m wanting something ‘different’ and I BARELY pat it on the top…I do about four or five of those… I’m not even eating 1/16 of a serving. LOL!!! But it tastes awesome–kinda tricks me!

    Love u!

    PS–suits for sale ladies (
    Sorry had to advertise hahah

  3. PSSSSS—- I actually would LIKE the pepper oats or rice! Bring on the HEAT!

  4. Not long enough.
    My husband could go through a jar without my help in probably 2 weeks. He loves it! The Natural PB too! So if we are both digging in, its definitely more like 1.5 weeks.

  5. Cathy

    Well if I’m pms’ing nothing “yummy” lasts long..I buy natural peanut butter for the kids which they have almost everyday in there oatmeal and on toast. I also love almond butter-now that is awesome-right out of the jar!!! Basically I can eat both no problem every day during PMS!!

  6. Angela

    as you know, im not a big PB fan…i mean i like it, but im not a “grab a spoon and eat it” PB person… on that note, it lasts a bit longer in my house since hubby is the only one eating it….now almond butter on the other hand….probably lasts about a month or so….

  7. Margarita

    I don’t buy PB butters any more. It gives me the WORST heartburn (maybe cuz I eat the entire jar!! but it’s not the point! :P) Now – my favorite lately is all natural Maple Almond butter – YUM! I don’t buy it either because when I do, it only lasts couple of hours! LOL Ummm, yeah, not funny. But no heartburn either! 🙂

    As far as the job – some couples do fine working with each other, some – don’t. Only you two can decide. I def. would not want to work with my hub (if I had one). I am a big flirt and it would lead to complications… 😉

  8. redhead75

    Margarita I wouldn’t have guessed that about you HA!

    Okay Angela, how long do gummy bears last then? hee hee!

  9. I finally made it to your new blog. I have given up on my WP switch for the moment!

    I LOVE your new layout.

    btw..I had an impulse buy at target..Dark Chocolate Naturl PB. I stuck a spoon in it and had an orgasm…threw the jar into the freezer. I dipped back in it 3 times before pouring dish soap on it and throwing it way.

    Clearly that won’t make it into my apt EVER again!

    love ya!


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