Do Unto Others

Volunteered at the Easter Seals this morning 🙂  I arranged a closet full of clothes and cleaned the popcorn machine.  They popped some last Thursday when I was there and I took the bag to Mike. 

I came home and wasn’t hungry yet so I did a Cathe workout!  I was sweaty!

Take that carbs!

Take that carbs!

Mike and I are  is suppose to be watching  expenses.  When I got home I found this on the counter?? 

What the H is that mommy?

What the H is that mommy?

I was reading a blog yesterday.  I think it was The Healthy Tipping Point.  She puts post it’s on bathroom mirrors to remind women that they are beautiful no matter what!  How awesome is that!  I knew today I would be in a public bathroom and the “old ladies” were gonna be there crafting there fundraiser stuff so I wrote one 🙂  I put Age Is Only A Number.  I wish I would have brought my phone in the building with me.  It did make me feel good!  I got home and made some tea and here are some more messages i’ll be using!


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  1. That is really cool.

  2. Cathy

    I read that blog too yesterday-you are sweet to do that!

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