Anyone Got A Happy Pill?

All the times

That I’ve cried

All this wasted

It’s all inside

And I feel

All this pain

Stuffed it down

It’s back again

And I lie

Here in bed

All alone

I can’t mend

And I feel

Tomorrow will be okay

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  1. hayleycepeda

    I like your poem, but I’m sorry you’re feeling so down. 😦 This too shall pass..

  2. Babs

    Um I just got ACV/LJ in my freaking EYE. OWWWWWWW it hurts….it sucks and my neighbors prob think I’m being murdered.


    Hugs….my friend.

  3. Cathy

    Hi April,
    Yes it would be nice to have a happy pill!!..but we are women with a complex hormone cycle…know that we all have days like this and you will feel better!

  4. I like the poem too…sounds just like how I was feeling the other day…my happy pill just happened to be a talk with Tony. Oh April…I’m sure you are better already….call me. I’ll make you laugh 🙂 I will, just like the little trucker makes me laugh. And if you just wanna cry I’m here too. I know lonely…even when you aren’t alone…I know….oh do I know.

  5. Hey honey~ not sure why you are down, but I’ve been there. Quite a bit recently. I’m here for you, thinking of ya! {{Hugs}}


  6. Ok I am a day behind apparently. Glad you are feeing better. BTW,did you write that or find it somehwere? It is very good!!

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