Tomorrow IS Okay

Thanks for the comments!  I was just in a funk yesterday.  Luckily it’s over and i’m feeling better today.  I’ve been doing LOTS of cardio today because I have energy!  Yesterday I felt like a wuss.  I had a back workout and it was pathetic and then I did my ending cardio and couldn’t hardly get over 6.0.  Today was a different story.  I walked Boomer for a total of 3 miles and then did a 45 min Cathe tape.  Later on Tony called and that always puts a fire under my arse.  We went over a new cardio protocol so I decided to go ahead and do it.  I was sprinting at 9.5!  That’s good for me.  Like I said TOTALLY different than yesterday.

This is a HIGH carb day for me so Mike, mom and I are going out for dinner at the Oaken Barrel!  I will be getting a salad but can’t decide on the greek salad, or the regular salad minus the bacon and cheese LOL!  The greek salad comes with warm pitas but it also has TONS of feta cheese on it.  I guess I could ask them to put it on the side.  I would still eat all of it though.  I think i’ll get the regular salad and tell them to some pitas on it….see why I don’t ever eat out?

Oh, Mike came home with a truck today.  Traded in his Bimmer.  He needed a place to put his cornhole boards…men, I tell ya.

I did take pics today but gosh they are awful!  I would blame it on my camera but….my butt is just big 😉  Maybe in a few weeks i’ll share.  I bought some more PB  because it’s on my plan for today.  If this jar doesn’t last long that’s it, no more!  I’m not one of those girls that can eat it everyday and stay thin.  Maybe I can stay thin but not in the body i’m working for.  There are many different healthy body types and I don’t want to look like the ones that eat whatever they want but run themselves silly.  Instead i’ll eat what’s on my meal plan and run  myself silly HA!  After all i’m not almost 25 i’m almost 35.



  1. I’ve been sorta annoyed with cardio because I’ve been having to go at it on my own without Zumba. I don’t think I’d be able to lean out without Zumba! Seriously! I don’t really like doing any other cardio for 60 minutes straight through–its awesome. I usually do 60 mins of zumba, 20 mins of stepmill, and then something later after weights at my other gym. They didn’t have Zumba Friday or Saturday because the instructors are out of town, but it’ll resume monday, so…Got to make due until then! I’m not much for the treadmill anymore. I think the zumba has greatly spoiled me. I do elliptical sometimes, but my favorite machine is the stepmill by far. Have you ever done one? Its like walking/running bleachers! I love it. Probably my favorite for prepping. I get my HR up high hardly doing anything on it really. So, hopefully I’ll continue dropping lbs. I’ve lost quite a bit already.

    I think PB is a tricky one. Some people can eat it if they don’t eat many calories besides it. Calories are the big picture really. You got to just stick to one serving and peanut butter is definitely hard to pre-measure and eat. I only let myself have a pat (if that) on the end of a butter knife if I want some, right now anyway. Peanut butter really has helped me build muscle. I attribute that all to the calories. I took some new progress pictures and posted them on bodyspace if you’re interested. They’re a lot better. More mass up top. My lower half looks decent too so I need to take some full body pics now…especially because I’m very tan now. Been tanning–I look tons better. 😀

    Anyhow, I think you’ll be perfectly fine. Dont worry about running yourself silly with cardio. The weights are more important. The more muscle, the more you burn!!! I think you always look great!!!!!

    Hey–I have to visit my eyedoc again soon so when I do I should come a little farther to greenwood and see u!

  2. Cathy

    I know peanut butter or almond butter…so good after a meal! I control my portion by mixing it with different flavored applesauces (blueberry or mango-no sugar added). It tricks me into thinking I’m having a dessert-whatever works 😉
    You did awesome with all that cardio-even walking is still considered a Cardio!!

  3. Hugs to you girl! We need to work on this whole self luv thing. I think I will always think I’m fat, even if I had my dream body.

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