What Did I Choose?

Last night I had the greek salad with chicken and had them put the dressing and feta cheese on the side 🙂  I LOVE that salad…oh man, I could eat it every night!  I didn’t eat much of the cheese either like a good girl.  I weighed in this morning *drumroll*  118.2, then I peed, 117.8 HA!  I was dreading the scale because lately I don’t know what is wrong with me.  My willpower just isn’t there.  For me that means extra fruit, blue chip crumbs, and a few tsbp extra of ANPB.  I think i’ve got it back though.  I was keeping up to date on the Junior Nationals and see those girls physique’s was like a slap in the face!  That is why I don’t eat tortilla chips and all sorts of yummy looking carbs.  However, my diet now ROCKS!!!  I need to go to the grocery store and get some strawberries…it’s always something but I am not complaining!


I visited with my dad today 🙂  I took him a vanilla latte from SB.  He’s a manly man so he won’t ever go to SB. 


Then I visited with my mom after that.  I was showing her pictures of one of my friends who competed last night.  She didn’t like the look HA!  Then I showed her the bikini girls…she said they look fat LOL!  Wonder why I have problems??


So today I rested…only did a bi/tri/ab workout with 30 mins of cardio 😉  I knew that afterwards this would be waiting for me!



There is always one constant that I do achieve every day!  I’m like a fish and I drink TONS of water.  I always have these in the fridge waiting on me.  Once one is gone, I refill it.

ACV/LJ when I remember !

ACV/LJ when I remember !

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  1. It’s obvious I’m a Pisces because I drink lots of water! The fish sign hahahaha!!! Is that your sign too?

    I’ve been buying EAS ready to drink protein shakes that have low carbs.

    My main foods is tuna, brown rice, teenage spinach raw, PB and protein shakes! Totally loving this diet, its awesome! I’ve got to start cutting out some condiments though-but that wont really matter! I’m gung-ho!

  2. ana

    118!!! awesome gurl!!! im very happy for you and last time you did meaurements they rocked!!! keep it up myabe one of these days sumthing good will rub off on me! ive had no control gurl!

  3. redhead75

    Jodi i’m a Leo 🙂 That’s why i’m moody I think LOL!

    Thanks Ana! My measurements are getting better too! Down an inch in the hips but the waist is up?? Probably all the sodium in those chips LOL!

  4. Cathy

    I love reading your blog-you always make it fun and cute-just like yourself..Leo’s are good,fun and loyal people (I have to say that because my husband is one..;) I am a Cancer..sensitive, crabby but caring!
    Keep enjoying your meal plan…you’re happy and that’s so great!
    PS.. I had a cannoli (Italian cream cheese stuffed pastry) but I stopped there..did not go overboard though or feel bad like I usually would..small victory!!

  5. Hi April! I found you!!!! I was on vacation, so I missed your moving announcement.

    Funny about your mom saying that…. My mom is that way too. She is sure to tell me if I look too skinny (definitely not lately..HA) and she also reminds me when I have put on a few pounds. I can’t win! I am either too fat or too skinny.

    There are very few “average” people that think figure competitors’ bodies look attractive. They don’t usually like that look. Most of my clients feel that way.


  6. 118 OMG! That is what I weighed on stage! LOL
    ok and your mom is insane!
    Glad to hear you are on track with the diet and doing well. You make me thirsty, I need to drink more water!!

  7. 118! great number girl! I try to not focus on the scale cause it brings me down, but that number rocks!

  8. hayleycepeda

    Your salad sounds really good! I wish I held that much pee! 🙂

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