My New Love

Oh my goodness this stuff is the bomb!  Click HERE to get your free bottle!  Be careful with your serving size though!

I’m once again trying NOT to do cardio.  I’ve got TONS of energy again today!  I’m really trying to lose in a healthy way over the summer and trying to avoid LOTS of cardio.  I still get in over an hour but that’s doable for me.

It’s so stinky hot here.  When I was working I would dream about being home and laying out in the sun…I haven’t once laid out. HA!

I have found a channel called ID, Investigation Discovery and I can’t get enough of it!  I love these kinds of shows 🙂

Yesterday I ate all my meals but wasn’t that hungry at all.  Last night around midnight I woke up STARVING??  Weird….

All this energy may be from the carbs i’m eating or it could be from something else i’ve been taking?  I’ll keep you posted 😉



  1. How can you leave us hanging like that!?!!

  2. Thanks for posting that April! I signed up for a bottle!

    I’m glad you are having a better day, was trying to make you laugh about my ACV/LJ hurt!

  3. I’m really trying NOT to do much cardio at all. Tony only assigns me 10 – 20 mins at the end of my workouts and I’ve been sticking to it. Trying to focus on lifting right now. Want some muscle. 🙂

    Thanks for the website too. Sounds yummy.

  4. I hear you on the carbs. When I let myself have fruit at random I’m totally ready to do cardio. Why not do it? I have been doing 95 mins some days then 40 others. Just random like that. Depending on my carbs and mood that day. Less carbs less cardio. That way I dont burn out too fast!

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