Slice, Slice, OUCH!

You think I would learn my lesson and use the guard that comes with my Pampered Chef mandolin.  No, not me, miss stubborn i’ll show you who’s boss.  This is seriously like the 10th time i’ve sliced a part of my body off with this thing.  If you have one, you know what i’m talking about 😉  Mike always leaves the kitchen when I bust this bad boy out.

ouch 003

I had a great shoulder workout today!  I’m really trying to focus on the muscle so those little babies will grow!

My Cathe Timesaver DVD quit working.  I love that one!  There are so many little mini workouts you can do so I HAD to order it.  Shhhh…I hope it gets here and Mike’s not home LOL!

It’s SO hot here today.  Boomer has been running outside, eating grass, then throwing up.  She did this yesterday too.  I know that dogs sometimes do this when they’re stomach are hurting but if she’s not better soon i’ll take her to the vet.  She’s been playing toy though and she’ll eat so i’m not sure 😦

I can’t wait for 4th of July weekend!  We’re going to Lake James where we always go.  It’s so much fun.  Problem is i’m see through right now and how NO tan at all.  I guess i’ll try and find some 80 SPF HA!



  1. Ugggggghh! I got chills at your slice injury, because I have totally been there. And I haven’t learned my lesson either!

  2. I’ve been tanning and now my anytime fitness has tanning beds that are unlimited so yay! I’m brown–its nice. I look 100% better with a tan and this is also good so that when I do go outside I don’t get scorched…thats bad! So being tan is almost like sunscreen for me. lol.

    Ahhh yes, the shoulders. I have pounded mine hard the past year (or more) and finally they’re getting better. Takes a while but I’ve learned what works for me you’ve just got to do the 5 rep max’s for a long time and they’ll come around…food too, peanut butter and salad dressing I swear by it. 🙂 I’m trying now to keep them there while I lean out. So far so good but I always second guess my progress. Of course. Lots of cardio now too. Trying to come in ready–early this year!


  3. LMAO! Ok, but not at your finger, at the Disney picture in the background!
    But seriously though, i am glad your finger isn’t worse. I NEVER cut myself in the kitchen and that is because I don’t typically do anything that involves knives! LOL I usually buy frozen veggies and just dump them into a steamer…LMAO.
    Even the chicken breast I buy is already hand trimmed to get the fat off. (THANK YOU TYSON!!)

  4. Just catching up 🙂 Your blog makes me as hungry as chatting at all hours of the night on facebook 🙂 Great chat…I love hanging with you…wish we lived closer. You could come here….I have a Super Target 🙂 Wanna do a Harley shoot ??? July 10th??? All you need is a bikini and some heels…the rest you already have 🙂 Come visit me 🙂

  5. Ugh ur finger gave me chills…I have on of those do-hickies and I can’t belive u don’t use the guard…you rebel you lol!

    And both my dogs have been chowing on the grass like crazy…I think its just the heat maybe…

  6. also I’m not tanning anymore either and I feel white and fat this summer…it sucks! Amazing how much better you feel with a tan…yet it’s supposedly so bad for you…sigh

  7. Tea

    oh wtf April? lol Now I have to post a pic of mine, I sliced mine really bad today too! I hope they heal fast 😛

  8. My dog runs outside and chows down on grass too…but she doesnt throw it up 😦 I hope your doggie gets better!

  9. redhead75

    Thanks Stacey(s) 😀 She’s not mowing like a goat today so she must be feeling better!

    Tina guess what i’m eating right now 😉

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