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I’m sitting here with a big bowl of rice sans Country Bob’s Sauce hehehe…I can’t get enough of it!  I will say that I only use a teensy bit but the flavor is the bomb!  Especially considering i’ve been flavor free eating for the past 2 years.  I must say that’s by choice.  Now though i’m enjoying all sorts of little things.  Like the flavored smoke, green onions, and even salad dressing! 


I am watching $100,000 Pyramid.  I LOVE that game show and it brings back so many good memories!  Gosh dang i’m getting old.

I went to the Dr. today and then had some blood taken.  I’ll find out results next week.  They are checking my T3, T4, TSG, Proactin and to see if i’m pregnant 😉  I know the results of the last one.  He told me i’m to young to not be having a period…YOU THINK!  I told him the first 6 months I thought it was pretty cool but now i’m getting worried.  He also gave me a prescription for a drug that will START my period.  He told me not to take it until he tells me too.  I am NOT taking it until after the 4th though.  Doesn’t he know I need to look good in my bikini at the lake??


I think the way i’m eating now and the variety, calories, and the energy I have that maybe things will change.  It doesn’t hurt to get things double checked though.  I haven’t been to the dr for awhile so it’s good I went.  Do you ever catch a glimpse of yourself and think…dang I am thin?  That doesn’t happen that often but it did today in the bathroom there.  My arms looked like spaghetti noodles!  I usually carry lots of fat on my triceps so hopefully some muscle will start to show?  Don’t worry about me though because there is plenty of fat on the hips and bootay!  😀

I seriously need some shorts that fit!!!!

I seriously need some shorts that fit!!!!

 I had a great 35 mins cardio before breakfast this morning.  It’s too hot so Boomer didn’t want to walk.  Then before lunch I did a 45 mins step workout via Cathe’s Cardio Fusion.  I LOVE the drills!  I don’t do plyos that often so when I do it’s the shiz!  I am gonna work chest tonight…it’s my favorite!  Grow chesticles grow!



  1. Hello fellow redhead! Thanks for stopping by my digs! I am loving your blog! 🙂 I shall become a stalker! Good luck with the spaghetti noodles!

  2. hehehehe chesticles. LOL

  3. You crack me up with words like “Chesticles”..:)

    Plyo’s are da bomb yo! I start Crossfit soon and will throw you some new moves:)

  4. april

    Hello! I found your site off of Jenna’s blog and saw your name is april.. so is mine! 🙂

    Plyo moves are soo hard I have a love hate relationship with them!

  5. Do you ever catch a glimpse of yourself and think…dang I am thin? ”

    Let me think….Ummmm NO! WTF! *smacks April via internet*

    The only time I thougth that was when I was like 2 weeks out from comp. lol. Unfortunately I carry A LOT of weight in my arms. If you saw how big my arms were you would think i was a big girl, but I’m not. They belong on a bigger girl for sure. My tricep fat is the WORST!

    I am glad you’re getting checked out. If your BF% was really low that would explain a lot, but you look normal and healthy, so what gives?

    Keep us posted.

  6. redhead75

    Becca that’s what I said. In the past when i’ve gotten below 115 I would not have a period but i’ve been over that since December and my cals are increased now so i’m not sure? I want to go back to that bathroom because i’m sure it was just that mirror LOL!

  7. My dad really likes that country bob’s stuff!

    You know, some girls just have irregular periods. I bet its just YOU…nothing wrong 🙂 I know quite a few girls that have the same thing–all healthy. I bet you’re fine!

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