I’m Leaving Mike

For this man!  HA!  Of course i’m kidding…sort of.  Hey chocolate man you gotta girlfriend?  We laugh at this commercial everytime we see it.  Of course Mike jokes about me leaving him for this guy.  I just said it’s the ONLY guy I would even consider leaving you for 😉

chocolate man

I had a GREAT ab workout today!  I’ve gotten in 65 mins of cardio but I may do more later tonight because I need to run off my energy!  I also need to run off my late night snack of cottage cheese and blueberries I had :D.  I eat blueberries like they were popcorn.  No more coffee beans in my Metrx for awhile.  I think it’s waking me up??

So far i’m doing okay with the PB.  I think I have a solution.  I use my Pampered Chef strawberry corer to scoop it out.  This way instead of scooping a whole tbsp and then eating some and then thinking I don’t have a whole tbsp so I scoop out another bit and even eat that…you get the point.  So this method is working 😀



  1. Holy Schikes Woman, I just about cried when I read your title but then giggled throughout the rest of your post. Chocolate man! 🙂


  2. april

    I have to measure my nut butter or I’ll go crazy!

    Oh and by the way my birthday is on Christmas day!! lol

  3. Oh and freez it 🙂 I love scooping it out this way 🙂 LOL at chocolate man…maybe he’s free for me 🙂

  4. Cathy

    MMM…chocolate man and pb ….a great combo 😉

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