Funtastic Weekend!

This has been a GREAT weekend.  I think it’s because the heat wave has died down and I can now venture out of my hole house.  Boomer and I went on a nice 3 mile walk yesterday morning and then some time during the day I did 45 mins of step aerobics 😀  I can’t help it…i’m an addict.

Then I went to my mom’s and we picked green onions and cucumbers from her garden.  Man my salads have been so good this weekend!  Especially the one I had at Oaken Barrel last night YUM!  It’s my favorite salad ever!  Greek salad with chicken.  I didn’t get the olives this time because I never eat them.  I asked for the feta cheese on the side again 😉



After our date Mike road his Harley up to a friends to hang out.  So I sat at home and ate  blueberries like popcorn.  Today at Kroger they had blueberries 4 for $5!  I didn’t buy any though since I just can’t control myself LOL!  I did find some Body Fortress protein powder for $12.99 WOOT!

We went and saw Up this afternoon.  My goal is to ALWAYS go before noon so it’s only $5.  It was a really cute movie.  The little people in the beginning remind me of Mike and myself.  Her with red hair and him with silly glasses.  Thank goodness for laser eye surgery 😉  I didn’t cry though…am I insensitive?  If it’s not about animals it usually doens’t effect me.  There is one exception.  Return To Me…OMG!  Mike and I both bawled our eyes out!  I know this is mean but they were having a special, pay $8 and you  get $10 worth of consessions.  I’m not joking when I say that there was not 1 person in line under 200 lbs except for Mike and I.  When the lady asked us if we would be interested Mike said “Do we look like we eat that crap”  LMAO!  I about died!  I’m always thinking that but never say it…I love him 😀

Read the I want consessions HA!  Of course the fat girl deep down does shhh....;)

Read the I want consessions HA! Of course the fat girl deep down does shhh....;)

 I really tried not to do any cardio today.  I was trying to take a REAL rest day but that didn’t happen.  I did some step aerobics!  I don’t find working out as a chore and I really enjoy it. 

Now to end this great weekend they’re having a fireworks show and we can see it across the field!  Looks like i’ll be going to bed late tonight.  Poor Boomer doesn’t even know what’s getting ready to happen.  She is TERRIFIED of the 4th of July!!!!!!

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  1. ana


  2. WOOT! Oh Petey is cool with fireworks but Ruby is deathly afraid and will hide under the desk…

    OMG you are too funny with the concession stand thing…
    I was in the car the other day and there was a morbidly obese (yes, I am serious like she prob. weighted 400 lbs) person in the car next to me shoving donuts in her face. It was disgusting. While we were at the stoplight she ate at least 1 and half that I saw, and the creme was all over her hands and cheek. I wanted to hurl. I guess it was the way she was inhaling them, and licking her fingers. OMG so gross. I even texted Marissa, Genie and Tasha to tell them I was going to Hell because I was judging. True story. Ew.

    To each their own I guess. She probably looks at me and thinks I don’t enjoy food enough and I have issues… lol…which is probably true, too. 😛

  3. ha i am just like you. rest days come and go as they please. sometimes i will go weeks without a rest day. it is something i love! cracked me up what your hubby said at the movie true!

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