Stay Focused

There are many reasons why a person should workout and eat right.  We each have our own ideal and goals.  First and foremost it should be for health.  Second it should be something you enjoy and are proud of doing.


I went to the mall for the first time since be laid off.  Now I know why I haven’t been there!  EEK!  I didn’t NEED anything I bought either…oh well.  Mall walking is a workout 😉



  1. I agree with all those pics except feminine and muscular. I will stop there. LOL
    Ok yeah, mall walking is a workout. Did you do stairs? Escalators don’t count. LOL! 😛

  2. ana

    love all the pics!

  3. Tea

    I love the pics too! It sounds like you have hit your stride! Good job April! LOL I like the feminine and muscular one 😛 Whats up with me liking all the big muscles lately?

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