Carb Faced Girls

Instead of Fat Bottomed Girls 😉  Having big cheeks can be a blessing and a curse all in one.  It keeps you younger looking yet when you gain weight it’s the first place that gets it.  A stomach pooch can be hidden, spanx can be worn, but you can’t do anything about your face.  I weighed 117.6 last Saturday.  It’s like when i’m happy with my weight I do something stupid like each pistachios *ahem*.  Now I feel like a puffer fish.  That’s how sensitive my body can be.  I’m slowly teaching it to live like a normal human being. 

Here are some girls who I think can relate.


I just want to remind myself that before I go on my 4th of July retreat that I don’t HAVE to eat crap.  You should see the cooler i’ll be packing 🙂  I can’t wait!  We are going to have so much fun and I have my 50 spf to slather on since my body hasn’t seen the sun in awhile.  Being a gingerkid and all I gotta be cautious.  Cardio will be fun Saturday morning because at Lake James there are hills!  I swear I live in the flattest place on Earth.


Today I got up and did 37 mins of cardio.  Nothing real intense because my legs have DOMS from Monday’s workout.  Then I took Boomer for a 25 min walk.  I worked my chest today.  I LOVE to work chest!  During that I got in another 20 mins.  My Cathe DVD arrived so of course I had to do one of those workouts 😀  Now i’m bored and my husband needs the computer so I think i’ll go get on the treadmill again.  Maybe i’ll squeeze out some pistachio bloat!!!!



  1. LOL OK Daywalker, you pack your SPF 50. LMAO!

    Man you are the cardio queen. I swear Idk how you do it. And I am jealous,I wish I was going out for a long camping 4th of July weekend…have fun my dear!

  2. ana


  3. Sundie

    No! I live in the flatest place in the world! give it a couple of days and the bloat will be gone and you will feel much better.

  4. The flattest place on earth is the sink hole known as Orlando, FL. There are absolutely zero hills. I use an over pass to do my hill repeats!!! Slather on that spf honey! Have a great weekend! Enjoy the beautiful outdoors!!!

    – Luv,

    A fellow Ginger – Redhead Running 🙂

  5. Boy do I have a crab face!!!! Especially after my dinner last night!!! Grrr!!! On top of that I have raging PMS…fun combo…

    You are so right about the 4th. There is NO reason to overeat. It’s not like it’s my favorite holiday or something.

    Own the daywalker that you are 🙂 Self tanner is my best friend!

  6. I can so relate w/ the carb face! I like my chubby cheeks when I’m lean, because I still look healthy (LOL!), but even the slightest bit of weight gain, and boy oh boy, it’s not pretty! LOL!

  7. redhead75

    I know exactly what you mean Genie! We’ll never be those girls that look like we’re about to die because of our sunken in faces HA!

    I will own my gingerness. Although Mike told me today I look better with a tan. Why would you tell your wife that who is getting ready to be in a bikini and already has self image issues?? MEN!

  8. THe nerve!! LOL

  9. Em

    Girl, you know me and my freakin FAT FACE SYNDROME. Eyeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! I know it’s maybe a healthier look, rather than the sunken in, but come on, I want a LITTLE cheek bone here! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’m nursing a bad burn from last week. Missed a couple spots and now I’m paying for it! Soooo, be careful and lather up!

    Love ya lots, keep up with the fab. cardio and my gosh, you’re all packed and ready to camp!

    HAPPY 4th!1!

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